Wednesday, October 1, 2008

ITL Clinic

Hi Everyone... I really wanted to share this amazing place with everyone I know. Two months ago I had a tumor (sarcoma) removed from my head and I had it mailed down to a clinic for them to make me a Vaccine. There are a few ways to make vaccines..urine, blood, tumors. As much as I hated having another tumor, I was happy to give it a new home. Sending it to the clinic was the best thing I have ever done. I had a follow up with my Dr's at Sloane (sarcoma specialist) and Radiologist about there thoughts. The plan was to do more radiation on my head, lymph nodes and neck. More Radiation, I don't think so Doc. I asked my Doctor a simple question...what can this Hospital offer me besides more Radiation & Surgery. His Answer, "Nothing" That made my decision even easier . We were heading to the Bahamas. So, three weeks ago Paul and I went down to meet Dr. Clement and discuss the game plan. Using my tumor they were able to make a vaccine from the antigens in my body. Twice a week I would be giving myself these injections into my groin, stomach and arm. This routine would continue for 12 weeks. These injections are to get my white cells to recognize cancer cells and kill the suckers. There are no side affects to this vaccine. We heard the most amazing stories from other patients and could hear the gratitude that they had to this clinic. The Dr's and staff were amazing. I felt so comfortable & thrilled about my decision. Everyone is different. Give a call down there...tell them your story and see how they can help. Here is all the information. Please pass it along. ITL Clinic Grand Bahama Island Dr Clement phone 1(242) 352-7455

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Anonymous said...

Hey there. I just read your blog, well most of it, I cruised over the Epsom salt stuff!!! You are amazing. I love your positivity (is that a word??) Anyhow, this is Karen Brennfleck. I was looking for - and found- the info. on the vaccine doctor in the Bahamas. I am passing it along to my dad who is not doing too well right now. No harm in a phone call, right???

Keep up your smile... you are inspiring!