Thursday, December 31, 2009




Dear Friends,

I have been walking around thinking about this past year. I love the celebration of a New Year. I love that tomorrow I can wake up and say that a whole year is behind me. I can pick apart the days, take the good out and leave the bad behind. Carry beautiful memories into the New year. Learn from mistakes and change. And in some cases, not change a thing.

My resolution... Continue being strong!! And...... a few other things! That's another blog entry.

Thankful – feeling or expressing gratitude; appreciative.

A word that someone recently brought to my attention. I have thought about the meaning of this word a ton lately. Especially since it's the Holiday season.
I am thankful to have survived 2009. Thankful for given the year. Yes, some parts were absolutely crappy...but it was my year! And...I loved it. I am thankful for everything and everyone in my life...and white wine (it helped!)!

Welcome new babies of 2009 & the ones joining us in 2010. Goodbye to those who have passed, now looking over us. Thank you to my friends who read my blog and for all that are apart of my life. For the support and love you have shown. Most of all... for listening.

Kisses to my love..Paul. You are still the reason why I fight...I love you.

Big thanks to my dogs. Pepper & Bandit. Bandit graced we with her presence after she rolled around in her own poop...and lovely Pepper thought it would be funny to wake me up this morning at 6:30. Finally after her pacing & barking I got up to find a nice gift of morning POOP on my bathroom floor. The irony...... even the dogs know how Sh*tty 2009 has been!! :) Ironic that today started off with poop!

Have a Healthy & happy 2010!

Hugs & Love,

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Holidays

See You Later 2009! It's almost OVER! I just have to get through Christmas!

Whoa I am so happy that this year is coming to a close. I thought it would end nicely...but boy the last few weeks have been stressful. Scratch that...10 days away from the nonsense was a treat! Nothing but sunny sky's & guacamole.

Now I am just finishing the last minute details of Christmas Eve.!

Happy Birthday to my brother Brian and my wonderful friend Natalie! The Christmas Babies.

Paul and I want to wish you a very Happy Holiday.

Lot's of Love,

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Quiet Time


10 Days of peace and quiet in sunny Mexico! I left my cell phone and computer home and plan on having a very relaxing vacation. I can still steal Paul's computer if I need a fix. We haven't even left the airport and I have to update my blog!

Things (Dr's & cancer stuff) are still the same. I canceled all my scans & appointments for December. I figured I had enough for one year. I have been feeling more human since I stopped walking the halls of Mskcc.

Please send extra prayers to two of friends that I met in Boston, Cindy & Eric. Eric..we are chearing you on. xoxoxox

Love, Michelle