Saturday, September 27, 2008

Turning Orange

I finished my second week of injections! 10 more weeks to go. It's not has bad as I thought it was going to be. Beats more radiation. 
I have been making my Mondays & days. I do my injections and then high tail it to Glen Cove to do a Vitamin C treatment. Hopefully I won't turn into an Orange! It will help keep my immune system strong. It only takes a little over an hour. There are a ton of people in and out doing various natural treatments. It's a nice break from conventional medicine.
Paul & I met some wonderful people in the Bahama's.  I am so happy that we went.  I have a check up next month and a couple of tests. 
Right now I am enjoying the Fall weather....if you know me this is a total lie. The only thing I enjoy are my new  boots .......other than that I despise chilly days. I miss the Sunshine!
Enjoy the pictures from the Bahama's!
Bahama Chilly Mama

Monday, September 15, 2008

Bahama Momma

Hello from the Bahama's,

Paul & I hopped in a cab this morning and headed over to the I.T.L. clinic to start my first day of immune therapy. We waited around for a while and chatted with a few patients that are receiving treatments as well. Paul noticed how happy & healthy everyone looked.
A nice guy named Gareth was there with his Mom and spoke to us about his journey outside the Hospital world. Gareth came to Freeport in November to get help, he is from South Africa. He couldn't walk, was 40 pounds lighter & looked very ill. Gareth was the picture of health as he stood in front of us and shared his story. It was absolutely encouraging.

Our meeting with Dr. Clement was wonderful & made me feel so comfortable. He spoke with us in detail about my Vaccine. The whole time I was nervously waiting for "The shots!" I finally blurted out...O.k. great, can we get the shots out of the way! He brought out frozen viles filled with my Magic Potion. I lied down and he showed me...yes on to give the injections in my groin. WAIT!!!! Let me think about this for a second. Can't I just drink the needles for someone else?
It didn't hurt...I just can't watch. My reaction to this is the same every time. I see the needle....I cry, I cry & cry & cry. And then after 30 seconds (a lifetime) it's over and I didn't feel a thing.

I then dried my eyes and Paul & I headed down the hall to start my first Vitamin C IV. I was happy doing this because I know it will help boost my immune system. Then I realized I was about to get another needle, Niagara Falls. Shaking my leg and gripping my shirt, I cringed until it was in. An hour later I was out the door, drying my tears and patting myself of the back.

The countdown begins :
40 more shots, 12 weeks to go

Tomorrow my lovely husband and I are going to plop down on the beach and blend in with 20 other couples, newly married.

Lot's of love,
Bahama Momma Michelle

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Brilliant Doc

Good Afternoon,

I hope everyone is enjoying the last sunny days of the summer. Vitamin D, soak up as much as you can.

I got some  news on my PET scan that I had last thursday. Good news is that the bottom half (neck down) of my body is clear off all cancer. Yippee. Unfortunately my brilliant ( yeah right) Doctors have not come to a conclusion  why my lymph node by my ear is the size of a gum ball. He (brilliant Doc) said it could be a few reasons. One is that the lymph is collecting white cells or cancer cells from the past surgery, an infection. Or...this is the best one...... It's a malignant tumor that they can't detect unless it grows or they do a needle biopsy. The plan is to do another PET scan in 3 weeks to compare it to last weeks scan.  
They  are pushing, telling, begging, asking  me to do radiation on my head, lymph nodes and neck. I am totally not into this. If it's not a tumor I would rather not do treatment and try another route.
Paul and I are heading down to the Bahamas on  Sunday to get started on the vaccine. I had sent a piece of my tumor there after my last surgery. Here is the link if anyone wants to take a look at it. It's not a cure, but should get my white cells moving.
If you know anyone who wants to try a more natural approach, send this link on. 

Have a great day