Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pep Talk

I am only thinking positive this year. I think positivelyness (totally made this up) is coming out of my pores! That means nothing negative....I have my force field on. Ready to block it out!I And, I have been doing a great job.

Since I don't have a New Years resolution, I decided to start with doing the things that I love..or have put off. I have been religiously going to dance class ( quick mention......The Ballroom of Huntington) a few times a week. I got myself into an amazing workout plan. I have been dedicated to keeping my body happy.....and therefore I am happy. So, I jumped into a weekly schedule of fun-ness! Yoga, Dance and getting my butt kicked by my trainer Susan.

Paul is super excited. Not only do I have my days filled with wonderful things to keep me busy...I am not shopping!
Dance + Workout = Less shopping for Michelle. This equation makes Paul a very happy man!
The problem is I have a perfect spot in my shoe closet for the new spring collection. I hear my shoes crying when I close the door...Please Michelle bring us a new friend! Oh, it breaks my heart...my Jimmy Choo suede sling backs need company!

Getting fit may keep me out of the mall, but I still have a computer to do some online shopping therapy.

I am trying not to think about my scans that are next week. Ohhh..this huge gray cloud is just hovering over me. Everything will be fine. Even if I get bad news from Dr. Doom. I can get through it. I sat myself down ( no really I did..it was very interesting conversation that I had with myself!) and gave my heart, my brain, my stomach...every inch of my body a pep talk. I told myself this...
I will be dealing with Cancer for the rest of my long life. I will fight and continue to live. Cancer will not break me. I am ready
for anything. I am not scared, I am determined to beat this!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful January.

Shout Out:
Pepper and Bandit lost a Doggie pal, Bo. You will be missed my four legged friend.
Happy 32nd Birthday to Mary Kay!

Hugs & Kisses to All

Robert's 30th

These are a few pictures from my brother Robert's Surprise 30th Birthday. We had the best time! Elvis stopped by and sang a few awesome tunes for us. It was so great to see my brother smile, he was so surprised. I love seeing him happy!
These are the times that I am so thankful for my family and friends. To have everyone together to celebrate a birthday...LIFE! It is so wonderful and beautiful.
I know a ton of people that say...Oh it's just a Birthday. What! It's a day that you get to celebrate your life...another year older. A Year! Don't take for granted those Birthday's. Blow out that candle. Congratulate yourself for being a year older...for living! I think Birthdays are wonderful.
Call me on your Birthday and I will make you a cake!