Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I was going to type up a nice blog..but have been distracted by my dog  Bandit growling and barking at me for the past 10 minutes. It's because I have soup and she thinks she is getting some. I swear this dog is going to eat herself to death. Thanks goodness she's tiny..she can't get to the counter or into things. She is such a fatty.

Update:    I am good, happy it's Spring time.  Eating great and working out all the time. Dancing is the best! I learned the Tango! So much fun. 
I am heading over to see my fertility Doc about options. I want a little baby. It's time for Paul and I to make some decisions. Nervous, but excited. 
I am praying and believing that my cancer, my body will be at peace during this time. It has to let me live a little.  I can't keep doing this surgery crap for the rest of my life.

I have been feeling a little distant from things and people.  I feel very emotional and tired. Taking care of my needs, which is always a good thing. I turn my phones off a ton. I am not being rude, just selfish. It's nice to hear nothing.....quiet time.

Enjoy a moment of quiet time. Don't get mad if I don't answer :)

Friday, March 5, 2010


I had a great week getting my life back  after another shove backwards from the cancer fairy! I am becoming a expert patient. I may start saying that I am a Surge-aholic. Except I am not really a fan of surgery. I still like the fluffy blue socks they give me. Blue! 

I posted a great picture that Paul took of me in my lovely unflattering Blue paper gown. 
Speaking of Blue!  I decided that if I want to do something ( that won't hurt me or drive Paul insane), I must do it! One life! One chance to do what you want!
I dyed a chunk of my hair electric blue! It looks Fantastic! Now, I am  blonde with a stripe! It's permant (Thanks Janet!).  Don't worry I can always dye it back.

Now what?? 
I am juggling chemotherapy options in my brain. I am not sure what to do. Do I wait for another tumor? More surgery? If anyone has an answer please let me know. 

Still Breathing. Still Smiling. Still wishing I was on my own island with a frozen drink!
Blue Hair....checked off my list! I am not wishing for that anymore. 

Love and Hugs,