Thursday, November 8, 2012

After the Storm....

Long Island Michelle made it through Hurricane Sandy!

I wasn't preparing for the storm. I was getting ready for my Radiation treatment. I was scheduled for Tuesday and knew it was going to be cancelled. I just wanted to get it stared and over with. Instead of stocking up on water and gas, I needed Gatorade, soup and crackers! 

I counted and was trying to figure out how many single treatments over the course of my hospital career  I have had. Over 90! I am like a glowing radiating flashlight. No! It doesn't work that way or stay in your body. After the beam is casted from the machine, it's over. I don't walk around like a light bulb. That may be my super hero....Radia-Gal! 

Wednesday, I went in and found out  that I would be doing 5 treatments in a row instead of every other day that was planned.  GREAT!  I would be done sooner and get the vomiting and every other belly issue completed quicker. Then the Mayor applied the storm rule. We couldn't get over the bridges without 3 or more people. The tunnels were under or should I say filled with water. Then the GAS issue. The lines to fill your car or gas can was ridiculous!  

Thursday I felt sick. Friday, I pushed through the treatment and just wanted to get home and hide in bed. The weekend I was so tired and still really am. Monday and Tuesday went by too slow. I had a lot of pain during treatment and into the night.  

I am feeling good right now. The nausea is getting to me.  Staying hydrated. My stomach hurts and  I don't have not much of an appetite. I make myself eat.  

What else? It's been very boring. We got snow yesterday. Lost power again last night.  The weather has been very interesting. 

If anyone wants to send donations to help here, it would be great. People need clothes and blankets. Many parts of Long Island, N.y. and  N.J. still don't have power. Homes are either gone or freezing. Look online to find a place to send items you are not using. Every bit is helpful. 

Peace & Love to all