Friday, August 28, 2009

Tuesday, Paul and I drove into the city to Mskcc to get my stitches out & more importantly to get my Pathology results. Before we even entered the building we received a phone call from Paul's Dad. Nana, Paul's grandmother died in her sleep. She fell a month or so back and spent some time in the hospital. She stated her wishes and asked to be home. Her witty sense of humor brought us peace over the last few weeks. Knowing she was happy and comfortable is all that anyone could ask for.
I am so fond of Paul's family, especially his grandparents. The relationships I had with my four grandparents was the best (in my opinion) anyone could ask for. Receiving so much love from Nana was a great gift. I learned a lot about her family. I also learned about love. Nana & Poppi were married 70 years. A beautiful love between two people. They made a wonderful family and I am honored to be apart of it.

At the hospital we waited to see the Dr on call and got the news. My parotid gland that was removed had a large cancer tumor (I knew that), but....the lymph nodes in my neck were clean! It didn't spread any further.

It was a funny day. We got sad news about Nana and great news about me. I felt completely wiped out when we got home. We both fell asleep and enjoyed an afternoon nap. We woke up hungry and decided to go on a, "Celebration Date" to a local restaurant, Johnathans. I was craving Polenta! I put on white pants and a gray top. Grabbed my purse and felt a funny feeling. I looked at Paul and laughed. A memory came rushing into my brain. Two years ago I felt a bump on my forehead, another one by my eye. We were at Johnathans having a drink, waiting to sit for dinner. Paul asked me what was by my eye and without even thinking, I knew the little tumor bastards were back. 4 1/2 years went by ! At that moment I started to prepare for Hell (that's basically what the past 2 years have felt like) . I was wearing the same gray top! As I told Paul this I realized that maybe it was fate. I have come full circle. I am starting in the place where in an instant I knew the tumors were back...and now they are gone.

I have 3 scans this week. Honestly, I am not even concerened. It's has to be. I am ready to say that I am cancer free...I am really ready!

All my love to Nana in Heaven. It's comforting to know that I have a strong angel looking out for me.

Hugs & love

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Frankenstein's Status

It took me longer than usual to update my fans about my status. I am doing great! The surgery went great. I was released sooner than expected from the hospital. I am still bruised, sore and full of stitches. Tuesday I will get the pathology results and my Frankenstein threads will be removed from my neck.
Have a wonderful week...I'll check in soon.

Thank you for the love and prayers.


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Morphine Vacation

One more and hopefully my last. A lovely right superficial parotidectomy! I think this is my 12th surgery. It's funny that I packed my bags for this weekend in seconds. Knowing exactly what I am going to need & the best comfy clothes I would want. I do feel like I am going on vacation, minus the sunblock. It's like I'm not worried about the surgery! I'm more concerned that I have enough things to keep me busy for 3 days.

We are heading in early tomorrow morning and I most likely will have the surgery around noon. They said 11:45....but I know the drill.
6th floor....wait, check in, wait...they ask my birth-date 10 times and throw me into a fun bed with wheels...where I wait. I change into the itchy gown and wait. I know tomorrow they are going to ask me for a pregnancy test. I didn't take one during pre-op. So, I wait. News...I'm not pregnant....then I wait. And finally, they ask me my birthday again & jab me with a needle. I walk to the bright operating room where there is usually one hot male nurse that gets to watch me in my butt-out gown climbing onto the table! It's quite an experience.
My Dad's coming in to be the, " Tumor Driver! " The doctor hands the cooler with a nasty tumor to Paul, who hands it off to my Dad. He drives home and puts in my fridge for the weekend. Then Monday Paul will send it to the Bahamas. That's how my beautiful shots are made. It's so simple, they just pop the little sucker out and Whola...shots!

Have a great weekend. I will be vacationing on Morphine island! The land of Percocet's and cute Doctors. Oh the life!

I'll be back blogging on Monday.
Love, Michelle

Monday, August 3, 2009

Getting ready!

The pre-op is all over and now I am ready for surgery. Ok maybe I am not ready. More like I am waiting for it.
I am happy to get this tumor out. This one grew so fast. I am going to bet that it's bigger then the one Doc removed from the left side. I may have to make a bet with him before he takes it out. I could make a some side money during surgery!
The left side is still healing and numb. I can't feel my ear or lower part of my jaw. My hair is finally growing a bit. I'm getting peach fuzz. My face still feels so weird. Like the dentist gave me an overdose on Novocain and it never subsides!

For the next two weeks I am planning to enjoy every single day. I am trying to stay busy and not think about the surgery. I have a few fun projects to finish. I am hoping ( no rain please) to plant my butt on the beach as much as possible. Soak in some vitamin D. I find peace sitting on my own, enjoying a book and listening to the ocean.
August 14th I will be heading in to remove a lovely tumor. I'll be sporting 2 numb ears and a pretty tan!