Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I have had a busy week and it's only Tuesday! I called my Surgeons office and cancelled my appointment for today. It was really a routine checkup after surgery. I gave them a brief diagnosis over the phone. Incision is healing nicely and no complaints. I failed to mention that I ripped off the steri strip too soon ( It was suppose to fall off) and it bled for a day. It was dirty...and everyone knows how I feel about germs!

I have a fundraiser on Thursday for Good Samaritan Hospital that I volunteer at. I am Chairlady of the event. I really just like saying Chairlady...I am sooo important!

Tomorrow I say goodbye to my pretty car. Thanks for the nice driving and letting the wind blow through my hair on the sunny days that I felt like complete crap.
My car is really special to me...I know that sounds silly. I will explain. Three years ago I was having a really hard time. I wasn't getting along with friends, my family was driving me nuts and I had this unknown bump on my forehead. I was super sad for days when Paul told me to get into the car....we were going car shopping. My truck lease wasn't up for months and new I wasn't ready to buy another one.
We walked through the showroom and that's when I saw the love of my life....my soul mate! Alright...my second soulmate! Paul stood next to me and said the words every girl has been waiting to hear, " PICK ONE!!!"" I was speechless. I picked out a beautiful convertible. And, that beautiful convertable sat in my garage for 3 whole months while Paul drove me back and forth into the city every single day for Radiation treatment.
I would get home, go into the garage and sit in it. Waiting for a sunny day to take her out.

I disliked Paul's car. It reminded me of a time that I hated. Every single day was the same. I'd get up...get into Paul's car... sit in traffic...wait for treatment...smell burnt brain and then we would drive home and sit in more traffic. I don't like Paul's car! I would get into my car and breathe. Driving it made me feel like I had some control over my life. This car has been in my life during my worst times...Radiation...Chemo..Ugh Boston! I remember coming home on weekends from Boston. I couldn't wait to drive her....it was an excape...that made me feel good.

Friday, I am back in the city to see Dr. Doom. I already called and left a great complaint with the staff! I want a game plan when I arrive. None of this, let's see what happened nonsense. Figure it out Doom!

So that's my week.
I do get to celebrate with my gorgeous friend Michele tomorrow for her Birthday. I love Birthdays! Happy Birthday Mich!