Friday, August 29, 2008


Hello Friends,
Filling you in on the latest news.
I have a little bump that's lingering near my ear.  Even though I just had's gotten bigger. It's in a slightly different area then usual. Funny little things, they are just popping up anywhere they please. I get a PET scan on the 4th and my lovely eye tube out on the 5th. Doc said wait 3 months and we can pop that thing out, no more tears! It will be 3 months and 1 day. It's totally annoying me. 
The PET scan is really important. It's going to show if this horrible sarcoma crap has spread. This little bump is in a good spot to take out. But, that means more surgery, more scars. I am getting to know the anesthesiologist too well. I don't even get the countdown anymore. They just knock me out!

With that in mind, I am really happy to say that I have been thinking outside the box......that's the Dr's little chemo-radiation grossness box. I had a piece (it was in my fridge) of my tumor that was removed 2 weeks ago  & Paul sent to a clinic in the Bahama's. It's a process I am not typing out but, I will post the link. so you can check it out. Basically they made a vaccine that hopefully will be able to help me. Cross your fingers & toes! 

Paul and I will be heading down to Freeport in 2 weeks to check it out. I will learn how to do my own injections of this vaccine. It's a process that will be my ritual for 12 weeks.... yes I will have a countdown. This is not a cure, it's to help get my white cells working. Faking  them out, getting them to fight those nasty cancer cells that are having there own little VIP  party in my head. 

I think I am in for another bumpy (get it!) road. But, I feel so strong & feel in my heart that between the vaccine & other amazing things that have floated my way...I will get through this. Again!

Love, Michelle

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Here we go again

What's next?
I t seems like I am doing this all over again.  I found a bump, Doc looks surprised, it's removed and Wow,  it's a Sarcoma.  
Doc found not just one, but 3 tumors. 2 were like miniature ones ready to unpack there bags. Don't get too comfy little tumors. He removed them and did a biopsy on the area before closing me up. Making sure he got good margins around the tumors. I have a gorgeous 5 inch scar down the side of my head with beautiful shiny staples.  It was a bigger surgery than I thought....Doc thought too. I am glad that I had them out....I am just so sore & achy. I wasn't up for it. I was having such a nice summer & this just bummed me out. 
Thank goodness I got my hair highlighted! Imagine the roots I would have! 

Paul is taking good care of me & I am trying to get some good rest. 
Thanks for the emails and love sent my way.
Love Michelle

Saturday, August 9, 2008

To Blog or Not to Blog

Should I blog? 

I have been looking at my computer wanting to write something for days now. I realized that some of my friendships are like mini-marriages. I didn't walk down the aisle with any of you..except Paul. But, you don't just get to share the birthdays, Ferragamo bags with get the bad, sad stuff too.  For better or worse, in sickness and in Health. So with that in mind here goes another bump in the road.  No, I mean it.....we have another bump. With all the support I get from my friends and Family, I needed to share every detail of my life, my journey. 

July 31st I jumped on a small plane and headed to Oklahoma to surprise and celebrate Jessica's 30th Birthday.  2 days earlier a made a decision to make a Dr's  appointment a little earlier. A check up for yet another Bump.  I felt it getting bigger and I am not sure if I wanted to really find out what it was. My dermatologist made me feel better when she said not to worry about it. But,  that's when I felt the knife go through my chest and I knew I couldn't ignore it any longer.  I knew something was wrong.

August 5th 
9 am we drove quietly into the city to visit the Doc.  A radiologist thinks it looks like a tumor.  My Doc thinks it looks like a tumor. I plopped  down  on the paper lined table and the Doc took a sample (ugh needles)  of the bump. Biopsy results should be in a few days. I looked up at him and said ," Funny the last time I was in this room you had the same puzzled look on your face". 
Friday came and went and no one called. I take it as a sign....not sure what sign that is, but  a sign. Bad news they call you a.s.a.p.  Or maybe he just didn't want to ruin my weekend. 

Good news...I am getting the sucker out.  Next friday I will go in to the OR at Sloan and Doc will remove a beautiful Tumor ( maybe a not a tumor). The surgery will be 90 minutes and a lovely gown will be given. I am just a sucker for those hospital socks. I love that they have floor grippies on both sides. 

Have a great weekend...I feel so  much better getting that off my chest.

P.s. Anyone want Hospital Socks...put your order in. Only Blue in stock.