Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sarcoma Week

Spread the word! It's Sarcoma week. Support me by learning about my cancer & educate others about it. Wear the blue bracelet!!! There are so many people in this world, state and around me that have never even heard of this type of cancer. Knowledge is key. Learn and share what you know. I have Sarcoma bracelets and would love for everyone to wear one. You can also make a donation for Sarcoma research. Just let me know.

Special thanks to my Sister in law, Nance. She supported me by riding in a Sarcoma bike ride out in Oregon. You're fantastic!

Check out a few great websites and learn. &

Michelle's news & updates
I celebrated my 31st Birthday and my 6 year wedding anniversary last week. I am still healing up from the last surgery. Starting to feel like myself again. Which is just perfect because I am going in for another surgery on the 14th. Life is just too funny sometimes. I am thinking that it's better I just get it over with. And....they give great socks out at the hospital! Soft blue fuzzy slippers, with fabulous rubber grippers on the bottom. It's like a spa & you get free tumor removal!

I am raising my glass to all of the guys & gals fighting Sarcoma & other Cancers. And, to all of the fabulous fighters we have lost. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Keep kicking butt & know that none of us are alone. I am the girl walking next to you proudly sporting my cancer bracelet.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Diane's Birthday

Today is my Aunt Diane's 5oth Birthday! Diane has down syndrome. She has been talking about her birthday for months. Every time I see her it's the topic of conversation. I have heard over & over that her birthday was coming.

Her gifts are simple & her life is simple. The smallest things make her happy. She doesn't worry about the struggles of life. All she cares about is her blueberry muffins, hot fudge sundaes, scratch off lotto tickets, paper, the Mets & knowing what time it is. I am not kidding that this is all she wants in life. She lights up when you give her anyone of these gifts. Then 5 minutes go by and she is asking again! It's very funny.

I called Paul today when I was with her. He said that he noticed that being with Diane always makes me happy. Diane is the balance that keeps me sane. Spending a day with her shows me that life is just too crazy & laughter is the best medicine. I truly believe that she is my Aunt for a reason. She is my escape from it all. She speaks italian! She points the moon out to me everytime I am over. She talks about her parents ( my grandparents) like they are still alive. She is the most beautiful person that I know. She always makes me smile.

Cheers to Aunt Diane! She has brought my family love, patience & laughter. We love you!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I turned a healing corner this week. Doc said to give it a month and he was right. My cheek, ear and neck are still bothering me, which causes my lack of sleep. I still have my belly wrapped tight, but it's looking pretty flat!

I started my shots of Monday. Paul had to put one in my butt! I did the other 2. I don't mind these injections. I know that I am doing something good for my body. I will continue doing them twice a week for 12 weeks. I am hoping to see a difference in my tumor that's growing in my right parotid gland. Maybe it will shrink! That would be exciting.

Other News:
My birthday is on Monday. I have been thinking about it, but not excited like I usually am. Last year I turned 30. I had a beautiful birthday party to celebrate. I remember being so happy that I was feeling better after the surgery. My hair was growing, my strength came back. I thought my battle was over. I listened to the doctors and did the treatments they recommended and got through it.
What am I celebrating this year? What's changed in a year? I'm feeling good, but just waiting to have more surgery. I just wish things would change and that next year when I turn 32, I can celebrate something. Look forward to something other than the results from my next pathology report.

So, I am not really happy about my birthday. Because to me, nothing in my life has changed.

Don't forget that Sarcoma week is coming up! Support me by wearing your blue bracelet. If you dont have one..let me know.