Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I'm looking at my two dogs. They need a walk and I need to stretch my legs. They can walk me!
That's what I'll do after my fascinating update.

Monday I had my second part of this fabulous round of radiation....I had the simulation. Started my day with oatmeal, headed into the city and got doped up on a lovely sedative to help me relax during the scans. They wanted me calm and relaxed. I was wearing a belt that fit under my rib cage. It fills with air and tightens. I take very shallow breaths. I will be wearing this for thirty minutes for five treatments. I do my yoga breathing and think happy beach, sandy feet thoughts. It's uncomfortable and makes my belly area sore. Only five, I can do it. Then I received five more tattoos and a warm foam body mask. Oh the joy of it all! Is it sad that all of the technicians and nurses know me by name? They don't even ask my birthdate anymore!

I don't start the radiation to my happy liver for another two weeks. Maybe sooner if they change my schedule.

I have a friends wedding coming up. I have so much to look forward too. It's nice to have happy plans. I also love to get dressed up and wear beautiful shoes!

Family is good. I made my nephews Thomas the train costume! It's fantastic. I'll post a picture.
I'm really crafty. My friend is having a murder mystery night, Victorian theme. I'm making the hoop skirts. This will be fun to design and sew.

I guess you can say....I'm back. Nothing is keeping me down. I'm feeling like myself again and I'm happy.
Thanks again for the great comments

Side note: need to blog more! I want to leave posts for you!
                    Jessica....Blooka! You will always be my one armed friend. 
                     Some friends are starting chemotherapy and please say a nice peaceful prayer for them.          Kelly and Erica, you're always in my thoughts.