Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Surgery # ?

 Surgery # ? ( I have to figure that out) 
Friday, June 12th 2009

That is my surgery date. I will stay in for a day or two. I know you think I am crazy, but I actually enjoy the hospital. It will give me a day to rest and come out of my comatose sleepy state before I venture home. 
I asked Doc  to please take out another tumor while he was at it. He was hesitant to say yes, but after a while said it would be o.k. He will have to make a bigger incision. I just think the more I can pop out the better. Isn't it great that I think it's just so easy to pop them out. Wish it was that simple.  The tumor is already getting bigger. I wonder what happened. I still can't figure out why all of the sudden they started growing again. Was the 12 weeks of Brivanib working? What was it? I get frustrated trying to think about what changed. Where is the miracle cure?

My next 2 weeks will be filled with juicing, cleansing and eating really well. I heal so well and want to be in great shape going into this surgery. I know that my stomach will be the worst. 

Please say loving healing prayers for my friend Adina. She is the sweetest and has been on an incredible journey. She just ended the Brivanib too and is starting a new drug. Love you Adina.

Thanks friendly bloggers.

Hugs & cleansing,

Monday, May 25, 2009

Tomorrow ,I will find out how crappy my summer is going to be. I start out with Dr Sarcoma in the morning. Dr. Tumor remover in the afternoon and the blood sucking vampire nurses after. I love pre-op. They go over all the questions. I still don't know if they are blind or just like me saying NO five hundred times in a row. 
I learned my lesson and now  start out like this.
NO, NO and NO! The answer to all the question is NO. I don't have heart disease, NO hearing aids and NO dentures.  

I think I will be counting backwards on June 11th. No sure yet. I put in a request. But, really want to get his over with.  I was told the recovery may be about a month. Oh right what am I doing....I am getting a tumor removed from my left parotid gland and then my hernia fixed on my stomach. Flat, Flat & very flat please!  Dr. Adorable will be putting me back together. I laughed at him the other day in his office when he sat and told me that no ones stomach is totally flat. Yeah right Doc...Mine was before you cut into me. Totally flat...totally FLAT!


Friday, May 22, 2009

Keep it clean! Happy Memorial Weekend

I know everyone has there quirks. But, there are some things that really bother me & as I get older it's getting harder to hide it. 

My Number one  is the absolute grossness, OTHER PEOPLES GERMS! It's something that I see coming even before it happens. I fumble with my handbag right before Paul introduces me to someone. I pretend to have something in my eye to keep from shaking a hand hello.  Oh please, and don't get me started with,"The Kiss". The worst way for any of us to express, "Hey how are you? Just spoke to you on the phone about an hour ago, glad you made it to dinner! Kiss, Kiss, Kiss, Germs on my cheek, Kiss, bad breath, Kiss & was that slime on the Kiss... Gag".   Family & close friends can get away with this...strangers...stay away!

Planes drive me nuts!  I know those volume controls are not getting cleaned ( Kerrin you may want to defend yourself on this one!). My friends think I'm strange when I get back from the bathroom before takeoff with a wet cloth and sanitizer.  I wipe down every inch I may come in contact with over the course of the flight.  And, yes I get my friends area too & the stranger sitting next to me. I then explain the germs of travel until they nod with an understanding.

Now let's talk about Valet Parkers. Oh the lovely way they sit in the car for 2 minutes and have the radio stations reprogrammed, the seat looks like a whale leaned back for a nap & the entire windshield is covered with fingerprints because they can't figure out how to stick the stupid claim ticket under the wiper!  Which they end up leaving under the wiper and I spend the entire ride home annoyed that it's on and hopefully at the next like I can take it off. I usually spend minutes cleaning the steering wheel, blinker ,headlight knob,  headrest, and every  other button on the dashboard. I drive away with one finger on the wheel gagging & wondering why I didn't just park myself. 

My Second biggest complaint is garbage on the street, highways...beach. This I will discuss in greater detail on another post. Just warn your family & friends about what may happen  the next time I see someone throw a piece of garbage or gum out the window while driving! People's rudeness to Mother Earth is driving me to the looney bin!

My Grossness List: Door handles, phones, other people's phones, Forks & glasses in restaurants, shaking hands, touching my kindle( check out my flight to California), Planes, Trains, Bathrooms (ugh), handrails, other people using my chapstick, NEVER!,  Blockbuster movie cases, magazines at the nail salon, remote controls, trying on shoes in the store (thank god for peds), walking barefoot through airport security, automatic flushing toilets ( Olive I got your back baby!) ....oh there is so much more. 

Keep it clean, wash your hands. Sanitize the heck out of your steering wheel!

Happy Clean Memorial Day

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Mall Robber!

I have to share this with everyone. I am still pissed about what happened, but feel very lucky that nothing was taken.

I parked in the back on Bloomingdales at the Walt Whitman mall today. I walked in through the mens entrance to return an item. I was in & out in a matter of minutes. I got home & realized that the back middle break light was broken. It's cover was gone and the piece was pushed in. I reached my hand in and found out that I could pop open my trunk! Someone broke the light to get my trunk open! I then realized that my wallet, tennis racket & a beautiful pair of Monolo's were in my trunk! 
Thank the heavens that nothing was missing! I think that I scared the burglars! I bet that they didn't think I would be so quick. They underestimated my shopping ability! They never got into the trunk.

I called the mall police and gave a report and also offered my assistance in scoping the parking lot. He told me they could use me on the roof with binoculars if I ever wanted a job as a detective.

Mercedes is getting a mouth full tomorrow. They are now responsible for the making of a stupid trunk!

Be careful!
Love Michelle

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Brivanib didn't work.

Ready for the great news...... The tumors are growing. The clinical trial for Brivanib didn't work. 

Doc wrote me a prescription for a drug called Sirolimus.  It's taped to my kitchen cabinet. It has bad side affects and destroys the immune system. I am not sure if I want to take it. I walk past it and just stare. I already hate it and I haven't even tried it.  

I asked Doc about my other options. He said  clinical trials are not good for me right now. He told me I  should  talk to my other Dr's about surgery, chemotherapy & radiation.  I have appointments lined up for the next couple of weeks.

When is this going to end? 

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Testing 1,2,3

Every 4 weeks I can plan on a few things to come without surprise. Pms,  Mri's & Blood work. Yes, folks it's that time of month, again.
Thursday started with a lovely 3 hour drinking yummy raspberry juice and Ct scan of my lower abdominal area. Fun times! Tomorrow & Tuesday I will enjoy Mri's & heart tests long with some weigh in's, blood work. The nurse  will ask me every 5 minutes what my name  & birth date are. One day I am going to change my name and freak them all out. That's going to be fun!

I will check in on Wednesday with results. Right now I am heading to bed with heartburn  from my pills and a chill from the lovely rain we are getting. You have to love spring showers.

Hugs & kisses to all.