Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Sun!

It's almost time to throw on a pair of shorts with your beautiful pale legs! 

I love to be tan & use to jump in a tanning bed every other minute. I know, I know it's bad for you...but I looked so pretty!  After going through the Radiation I am 10 times more likely to get skin cancer.  I hate being pale ( doesn't work with blonde highlights!), so I researched the next best thing. Air Brushing! I tried it last week and loved it. I have an even tan that looks so natural. No orange, so streaks, and it only takes 15 minutes. It lasts about a week. Fantastic! It's not the Spray machine thing. It's applied by a person..Yes..your butt naked. Until It's warm enough to sit at the beach, I'm taking it all off to get Airbrushed!
HOt Spot in Huntington does it...ask for Allie. 

Exfoliate your body before hand
Go early in the morning or evening 
Don't apply lotion to your body, keep the skin dry
Wear Baggy clothes ( no white's)
Let it dry, don't rush
Exfoliate your palms and Bottoms of you feet as soon as you get home
Don't shower for 5 hours  or more ( I do it at night and then sleep with it on, It's sticky)

Sun Goddess


Tara said...

That sounds fantastic. I hate tan in a can and I am aging by the speed of light. It is a lot easier getting naked in front of a stranger with your body....but I am In. Poor Allie is in for quite a show!
Thanks for the tip.

Anonymous said... I feel incredibly guilty for going to the tanning salon this week. I will try your girl instead...God knows we don't need anymore cancer in this town! PS LOVE LOVE LOVE your healing garden. Maybe THAT'S what Steve can do with all his free time!!!!!!!!!!