Thursday, May 22, 2008


A Friend sent me this email and I wanted to share it with everyone.
Something to change & stay aware of. Things are so much different now than 20 years ago, but we should still consider what these changes are doing to our environment and body's. Check out the link....

I have been searching the internet for BPA-free plastics. Here is a basic 
website that gives the names of brands that have bpa chemicals in them. I 
already threw out my plastics that are on this list in red.

Rubbermaid website

Health concerns about BPA relate to its ability to mimic the hormone estrogen. 
During such "endocrine disruption," chemicals can interfere with or mimic the 
action of hormones, in ways that can upset normal development. Hundreds of 
studies published over the past decade suggest a connection between exposure to 
BPA at levels typical in the U.S. and increased rates of breast and prostate 
cancer, reproductive abnormalities, and—for infants exposed in the womb—problems 
such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, obesity, and diabetes.

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