Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Plunge

Hello Friendly Blog Readers,
I am proud to say that I am now not afraid to Let It ALL Hang OUT!
With the summer approaching I have been so scared of bathing suit season. Me being the blonde tan beach bum that I am, I needed to get over my fears quick. I did!
I went to the Bahama's with my brother for a few days. It was the first time the that I have been away..minus an eyebrow. I packed lightly, but couldn't figure out the whole swim wear thing-a-ma-do. That's long  for, Bikini or One Piece???? 
I went back and forth trying on suits  and checking out my 12 inch scarred up stomach, chemo port and eye brow-less face. I kept thinking about people looking at me, I know I'm vein.  I stuck with what I felt comfy in....I rocked the  Bikini! Hey, my butt is still awesome. I thought I would just shake that around and the whole "how'd you get the scar thing" wouldn't come up. We'll it did and my answer was....A Shark Attack!

Highlight of the trip....The water slide.
I threw the one piece bathing suit on, put my hair up and painted on enough water proof eyebrow makeup that the little mermaid would be jealous. I picked up my tube, hiked up a thousand stairs and flew down the  slide, screaming  into a huge pool of water. It was great and for the first time in a long time I felt like myself. I shook my hair and proudly walked out of that pool, tube in hand and eyebrow streaming down my face. I wiped the rest of the eyebrow off and hit a few more water slides and  the  NOT so  lazy river( it's a ton of work, people just bump right into you,  your hitting's a job to stay on your float!)
I was me, one eyebrow, scars and all. This was big for me and I am now not afraid to show my battle wounds. I am a Survivor and very proud of myself for what I have been through.
Watch out Jones Beach......I am rocking out the Bikini this summer!
The L.I.  Mermaid

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