Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hola Brain Swelling!

Another brain tale....but a sunnier one!

I suffered through the summer months without a glimmer of sunshine! This overdue vacation was suppose to be a completely relaxing! I begged Paul for this trip. Begged!
Weeks...months of radiation...We deserved this trip. Not a single person can stand in our shoes. It's absolutely ridiculous the pain and torture, emotionally and physically I have dealt with. Paul too! Get me out of New York!

I guess my brain didn't agree!

Paul and I were on the plane Sunday last week getting very close to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico! I got up from my seat and felt the oh so un-normal head rush. Kneeling in the row, I knew something was wrong. When we landed I felt the headache start immediately and it lingered too long into Monday evening. It wasn't a shock to wake up Tuesday at 3am with horrible sharp head pains. I was calm. I threw up the whole time and knew my brain was swelling. Paul called the concierge and we were delivered by Mexican doctors to the ameri-med. The doctor picked us up!
Paul was fantastic, telling them exactly what I needed. Start an IV with steroids, and something to help calm my stomach.
The hospital was so clean and because I was the only patient, very helpful. Amazing care from the staff.

I had my first CAT scan early in the morning. Since they didn't know my history, they told Paul I had a tumor that was bleeding! He was so scared, and had to explain my brain history! It was comical! He told the neurologist here to give me another scan with contrast. I had no tumor!!!! Silly doctors. It's the necrosis from the brain! I just needed a large dose of steroids to calm it. We stayed for ten hours, basically to calm them down. Sent my scans to MSKCC and was told by my doctors the best way to handle it. Then they gave me a pancake and apple juice!
I was told not to fly home right way. Ok! That's a hard one!

I am nervous to fly. Taking the larger dose of steroids and I will hopefully have a good flight home. But, why do I want to leave sunny Mexico!? I am finally having a relaxing time. I'm feeling less tired from the drugs and getting some sun. It's heaven for me right now, it's been a long few months. New York is too cold for a girl like me. Too cold. Waking with a warm breeze is the perfect healing moments I need.

Last night we went on a beautiful sunset cruise and saw lovely whales jumping around the sea. Peaceful and normal. Something our lives are not!

Back to the beach. My little toes need some love in the sand.

Wish me brain luck :)

Love to frank....send him good thoughts! He's doing great! A strong man! I'll post an update for all from him! Xoxo


Sjn said...

sorry for the bad start but sounds like you are now having a much deserved wonderful time. Stay and enjoy!

The Astonishing FartMan said...

I was wondering where you've been lately. Sneaky, sneaky, girl. Sneaking off to Mexico!

I know they have good Margies and Pinas, but wasn't so sure about the doctors. So glad you are getting some Fun in the Sun, digging those toes deep into the sand, letting that sea breeze sooth the soul.

Much love to you and Paul!

(I'm saying a little prayer for your friend Frank--and another one for all the rest of us.)