Tuesday, December 27, 2011


The JOLLY days of December! 
Merry Christmas & Happy Chanukah. 

I think Paul and I just recovered from the Christmas weekend. I have such a great time every year....this one was a little different. For one, I feel awful. Driving around Long Island was not the greatest for me. There was no pressure from our families. If I wanted to sleep all day, it would of been fine. They understand. It's me that over did it. I was completely exhausted Christmas Eve getting home super late. I felt it creeping up all day. How many times can you swap out the pain patches and move them around. Christmas morning was nice waking up and enjoying the moment with Paul and our doggies. It really is may favorite to curl up on the couch with the tree lit. 

Moving on... all the decorations are down and the tree is getting kicked out on Friday! 

The New Year is beginning. It's also the first time that I don't believe that a new year will bring better things. I need to make things good in my life. I make my path. It's not the year or date, a number change. It's me that makes the change. Some things we can't change. Roll with the punches and try to smile. That's with everything. Our daily choices, diet, negative energy, positive energy...all the decisions we make. 

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. 

I think I need a new pair of heels. They make me smile and I need a new pair to walk around the house in. The weirdest things make me happy. 

I thought my throat was getting better. NOPE! I just tried to eat and it hurts too much. I force myself because I don't want to be hungry. Right now, I give up. I would rather be hungry. I have been getting shakes down with my good vitamin mixture. I am not malnourished or lacking anything. I just can swallow whole food. Soft with sauce or something that can coat my throat. 
My back and rib pain is worse now than it has ever been. Tomorrow will be 3 weeks since I had my first treatment. Last night was one of my worse nights. Paul begs me to take the pain meds. I have been trying to avoid them. I am back to loving them...my friends. They also keep me home more and I relax. 

Frank you are so right! Water is the worst...actually most liquids are. I wish every restaurant had milkshakes on there menu! Ok..coconut, almond milk shakes. I started traveling with them. I premix and take them to go. 
Please! Please! I need some love and good support sent to my friend Frank. He is my SPOHNC buddy & Cycle leader and is going through a very tough time right now. Dealing with a very difficult change in his life. Just know that we are all here for you. You may feel alone.....but you are not.  I , WE have all been there.  Maybe not the same...but many have been. Cancer will not define us! You are allowed to be upset....go with it. This totally stinks for you right now and will for a while. 
Frank....we can head south and just tell the Doctors to go away! I have a passport that could use some stamps! 

I will post in a day or two about my 2011. What I learned in a year! What I wish I could have avoided. 
This will be fun and I'm not holding anything back. Stay tuned. 

Love & Peace,
The Grinchness
MichellefromLongIsland (love this)


Kathleen said...
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Sjn said...

I loved this Christmas... all my kids were here and my 2 grandbaby boys, not to mention we had 7 dogs in my house Christmas eve through the day after. We managed.
I know what you mean by pushing it. I so could have stayed in bed napping on Christmas Eve and not gone to church, but I made myself go, and I was glad. I'm so proud of my beautiful family. The boys were so good in church.
Christmas day we made our traditional stuffed beef tenderloin and my nephew helped me. I think it was the best we've ever had. I was even able to eat it.
Today, my chest "lump" is making it hard to swallow. Milkshakes for me too.
Believe in the hope of the new year Michelle. Have faith and hope, I know you have love. xo

Anonymous said...

I love you! I was going to text you today and ask how your throat was but there's my answer. I would love for you to come here but I know that traveling isn't really possible right now so you tell me when you need a pick-me-up and I will fly out and we'll spend time curled on a couch drinking blended drinks together. The kids and I discovered a coconut milk/mango/spinach smoothie we all LOVE. I'm sorry we didn't have more time in our crazy lives to spend together. I want to spend so much more with you so just tell me when. Just give me until February to recover financially from this vacation. LOL
I love you!

Anonymous said...


For you my love.


Anonymous said...

You are AMAZING and are an example for ALL in how to live a beautiful life, embracing all that comes with it! Stay strong and beautiful ... I admire you SO MUCH! xxoo, Brandy

The Astonishing FartMan said...

Hey GrinchyGirl,

I hope you are doing okay.

I'm doing okay, but guess what? Now we both have a spot on our livers.

You are my inspiration, because I figure if a little GrinchyGirl like you can deal with what you've had to deal with, then a big fat MeanOldGrinchyGuy like me can handle a little spot on my liver! The plan is . . . liver surgery . . . again! Out dern spot!

I am pulling for you always. Pulling, pulling, pulling. Sending you every good vibe I can. Thinking about you. And thanking God right now for how you have helped me to cope with my illness.