Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

Love, Love, Love

I can see some of my Valentine today! My poor right eye is completely swollen! When I woke up I tried to pry it open! The beuty of healing. I'm not so beautiful right now.

I slept through the night and feel good today. I am getting ready for an afternoon nap.
Then my butler Paul will make me lunch. Talk about being pampered today! Surgery worked out great with this holiday. It's like double the love.

I hope everyone enjoys Valentines Day. Remember to tell everyone around you how much you love them. Life is use today as a reminder day. It's about loving everything around you.....your dogs, cats, friends and for me ADVIl!

Have a Sweet Day,


Tara said...

As usual you come thru this with your sense of humor firmly in tact. You continue to amaze me!!! Happy Valentines Day to you and Paul.....
Lots of love from our house! Heal quick.

Kathy said...

ugh... Well I am late to the party. I had no idea that they found another tumor.
Bad they did.
Good they got it all.
It's amazing what we learn to live with, uncertainty, pain, fear, annoyance, disappointment and yet we just keep moving forward. You should be proud Michelle that you have gone through so much and still smile...after tears. Normal...all normal. I'll be praying for you for total eradication of all those annoying tumors. I'll be praying that there won't be tumor surgery number 15. I mean one can only have so many slippers.

Elsa D. said...

Get better soon so we can to to national tv to tell our sarcoma stories. You are AMAZING!