Saturday, February 13, 2010

Free Botox...kind of! Surgery for the stars!

Surgery again....Whew!

I had another surgery yesterdy morning. Paul and I got to MSKCC at around 8 am and did the usual check in.
I was pretty calm until I got into the operating room. That's when I completely lost it. Oh the tears! I think I scared everyone. I was really contimplating about getting up and calling it a day. That's when they most likely decided to slip me the happy drug. I don't even remember feeling woozy from the pre-knock out cocktail. I just passed out.

Doc removed a tumor from my temple area. He got it all out and then some. About the size of a quarter. Unfortantly, my nerve was cut. Good news about that..Doc saved Paul thousands on Botox injections! I will now have a perma-brow! The right side of my face in wrinkle free! I am so swollen and I am bruising up pretty fast...but I may have a crowless eye! How amazing! Except I am wondering if I am becoming 1/2 angry...1/2 happy face?? Hmm I have to check that out in the mirror tomorrow.

I stayed one night in the hospital and now I am home recovering in my bedroom filled with Roses from my Valentine. Love and kissed to my wonderful husband. That man sleeps on pull out couches with metal bars digging into his back all night...for me! That's love.

The Future..... spaceships....
I am going to send out reports, scans and my history ( good luck reading that bible) to a few Doctors I have met along the way. To get a few ideas. Maybe a nice round of Chemo will help. Not really sure what anyone is going to say about me and My Sarcoma history.

Something has to change. These surgeries are brutal. I get through them like a champ...but, boy am I exhausted. One more day of percocet and then advil will be my new friend for the week.

Happy Valentines day everyone. Lot's of love and kisses to all.

A 1/2 Botox-ed lady!


Erin said...

You are a champion, Michelle. In the face of a relentless attacker, you continue to fight. That is the best Valentine's Day gift that you could give to your husband and all those who love you!!

Elsa D. said...

I love you

Devendra Singh said...

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