Thursday, February 4, 2010

14? Is that a lucky numer...better than 13.

We'll I am pushing forward...Doc gave me the rusults after my MRI's on Tuesday. It's a Tumor!

I don't even know why I bother getting these scans done. I know what's going on even before they tell me. I can feel them (the lovely tumors) growing. 3 weeks ago I felt a difference. I had a headache and I was rubbing my temples. I felt a small bump, like a piece of rice on the right my eye. I knew..and even when Paul & everyone else said it was a pimple...I knew. I am getting better at containing my concern. I guess apart of me really hoped it was nothing.

Now what?? I will see Doc B. on Tuesday and schedule surgery. Lucky number 14!

Good neck and other parts where I have done radiation or surgery are clean. This is great news.

Yes, I am disappointed. But, I have also accepted this as part of my Life. My journey through this world of endless MSKCC slippers (Free when you get a tumor removed)!



Elsa D. said...

there is no need for me to say anything. I should scream perhaps...I hate your tumors as much as I hate mine.
Love you

Anonymous said...

Please stay strong. Kick up your lovely heels and show that tumor who is boss! Norm and I are sending our love!

Daria said...

Michelle, thinking of you girl ... it's a battle.