Thursday, August 13, 2009

Morphine Vacation

One more and hopefully my last. A lovely right superficial parotidectomy! I think this is my 12th surgery. It's funny that I packed my bags for this weekend in seconds. Knowing exactly what I am going to need & the best comfy clothes I would want. I do feel like I am going on vacation, minus the sunblock. It's like I'm not worried about the surgery! I'm more concerned that I have enough things to keep me busy for 3 days.

We are heading in early tomorrow morning and I most likely will have the surgery around noon. They said 11:45....but I know the drill.
6th floor....wait, check in, wait...they ask my birth-date 10 times and throw me into a fun bed with wheels...where I wait. I change into the itchy gown and wait. I know tomorrow they are going to ask me for a pregnancy test. I didn't take one during pre-op. So, I wait. News...I'm not pregnant....then I wait. And finally, they ask me my birthday again & jab me with a needle. I walk to the bright operating room where there is usually one hot male nurse that gets to watch me in my butt-out gown climbing onto the table! It's quite an experience.
My Dad's coming in to be the, " Tumor Driver! " The doctor hands the cooler with a nasty tumor to Paul, who hands it off to my Dad. He drives home and puts in my fridge for the weekend. Then Monday Paul will send it to the Bahamas. That's how my beautiful shots are made. It's so simple, they just pop the little sucker out and Whola...shots!

Have a great weekend. I will be vacationing on Morphine island! The land of Percocet's and cute Doctors. Oh the life!

I'll be back blogging on Monday.
Love, Michelle


Elsa D. said...

I a thinking of you!

I'll be hanging around 53rd st all week. Are you still at the hospital?
many hugs dear Brave Michelle

love, Elsa

Kathy said...

Hi Michelle,
I hope all went well and you're high on life and lots of percoset!