Monday, August 3, 2009

Getting ready!

The pre-op is all over and now I am ready for surgery. Ok maybe I am not ready. More like I am waiting for it.
I am happy to get this tumor out. This one grew so fast. I am going to bet that it's bigger then the one Doc removed from the left side. I may have to make a bet with him before he takes it out. I could make a some side money during surgery!
The left side is still healing and numb. I can't feel my ear or lower part of my jaw. My hair is finally growing a bit. I'm getting peach fuzz. My face still feels so weird. Like the dentist gave me an overdose on Novocain and it never subsides!

For the next two weeks I am planning to enjoy every single day. I am trying to stay busy and not think about the surgery. I have a few fun projects to finish. I am hoping ( no rain please) to plant my butt on the beach as much as possible. Soak in some vitamin D. I find peace sitting on my own, enjoying a book and listening to the ocean.
August 14th I will be heading in to remove a lovely tumor. I'll be sporting 2 numb ears and a pretty tan!



Daria said...

Thinking of you as you wait for your surgery date ... enjoy every day and take care of yourself.

Kathy said...

Prayers your way, Michelle.