Monday, May 25, 2009

Tomorrow ,I will find out how crappy my summer is going to be. I start out with Dr Sarcoma in the morning. Dr. Tumor remover in the afternoon and the blood sucking vampire nurses after. I love pre-op. They go over all the questions. I still don't know if they are blind or just like me saying NO five hundred times in a row. 
I learned my lesson and now  start out like this.
NO, NO and NO! The answer to all the question is NO. I don't have heart disease, NO hearing aids and NO dentures.  

I think I will be counting backwards on June 11th. No sure yet. I put in a request. But, really want to get his over with.  I was told the recovery may be about a month. Oh right what am I doing....I am getting a tumor removed from my left parotid gland and then my hernia fixed on my stomach. Flat, Flat & very flat please!  Dr. Adorable will be putting me back together. I laughed at him the other day in his office when he sat and told me that no ones stomach is totally flat. Yeah right Doc...Mine was before you cut into me. Totally flat...totally FLAT!


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Daria said...

Seems after surgery, the stomach is always a bit puffy ... you are right ... get him to make it flat.

Keep us posted on the confirmed date.