Friday, May 22, 2009

Keep it clean! Happy Memorial Weekend

I know everyone has there quirks. But, there are some things that really bother me & as I get older it's getting harder to hide it. 

My Number one  is the absolute grossness, OTHER PEOPLES GERMS! It's something that I see coming even before it happens. I fumble with my handbag right before Paul introduces me to someone. I pretend to have something in my eye to keep from shaking a hand hello.  Oh please, and don't get me started with,"The Kiss". The worst way for any of us to express, "Hey how are you? Just spoke to you on the phone about an hour ago, glad you made it to dinner! Kiss, Kiss, Kiss, Germs on my cheek, Kiss, bad breath, Kiss & was that slime on the Kiss... Gag".   Family & close friends can get away with this...strangers...stay away!

Planes drive me nuts!  I know those volume controls are not getting cleaned ( Kerrin you may want to defend yourself on this one!). My friends think I'm strange when I get back from the bathroom before takeoff with a wet cloth and sanitizer.  I wipe down every inch I may come in contact with over the course of the flight.  And, yes I get my friends area too & the stranger sitting next to me. I then explain the germs of travel until they nod with an understanding.

Now let's talk about Valet Parkers. Oh the lovely way they sit in the car for 2 minutes and have the radio stations reprogrammed, the seat looks like a whale leaned back for a nap & the entire windshield is covered with fingerprints because they can't figure out how to stick the stupid claim ticket under the wiper!  Which they end up leaving under the wiper and I spend the entire ride home annoyed that it's on and hopefully at the next like I can take it off. I usually spend minutes cleaning the steering wheel, blinker ,headlight knob,  headrest, and every  other button on the dashboard. I drive away with one finger on the wheel gagging & wondering why I didn't just park myself. 

My Second biggest complaint is garbage on the street, highways...beach. This I will discuss in greater detail on another post. Just warn your family & friends about what may happen  the next time I see someone throw a piece of garbage or gum out the window while driving! People's rudeness to Mother Earth is driving me to the looney bin!

My Grossness List: Door handles, phones, other people's phones, Forks & glasses in restaurants, shaking hands, touching my kindle( check out my flight to California), Planes, Trains, Bathrooms (ugh), handrails, other people using my chapstick, NEVER!,  Blockbuster movie cases, magazines at the nail salon, remote controls, trying on shoes in the store (thank god for peds), walking barefoot through airport security, automatic flushing toilets ( Olive I got your back baby!) ....oh there is so much more. 

Keep it clean, wash your hands. Sanitize the heck out of your steering wheel!

Happy Clean Memorial Day


Daria said...

What a good post ... for others and as a reminder for me ... germs are everywhere.

Anonymous said...

... hmmm ... some of this sounds familiar ... I used to carry a spray bottle of 3% H2O2 ... for my hands after travelling on the underground you see! ... you have to hold the poles that EVERYONE else has to hold and your hands feel kinda slimey afterwards ... and the kissing thing ... I just tell people "I dont kiss" ... followed by: "... next time you feel like kissing someone, ask yourself - Do I love this person so much that I wish to share my parasites with them?" We should practice responsible multidimensionality and take care of those little life forms that travel this journey with us.
Bro G