Monday, May 11, 2009

The Mall Robber!

I have to share this with everyone. I am still pissed about what happened, but feel very lucky that nothing was taken.

I parked in the back on Bloomingdales at the Walt Whitman mall today. I walked in through the mens entrance to return an item. I was in & out in a matter of minutes. I got home & realized that the back middle break light was broken. It's cover was gone and the piece was pushed in. I reached my hand in and found out that I could pop open my trunk! Someone broke the light to get my trunk open! I then realized that my wallet, tennis racket & a beautiful pair of Monolo's were in my trunk! 
Thank the heavens that nothing was missing! I think that I scared the burglars! I bet that they didn't think I would be so quick. They underestimated my shopping ability! They never got into the trunk.

I called the mall police and gave a report and also offered my assistance in scoping the parking lot. He told me they could use me on the roof with binoculars if I ever wanted a job as a detective.

Mercedes is getting a mouth full tomorrow. They are now responsible for the making of a stupid trunk!

Be careful!
Love Michelle

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Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle- my in laws are good friends with your dad and your dad's band played for free at a benefit for my daughter, who has NF1. I wanted to tell you I love your blog, your a strong woman, a great example for my little girl to see you can live positive, you can have a grat life despite the battles you face. My email is talk to you soon! Love, Laura Perfetti