Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sleepy Pills, Vaccine & Vampire Tumors!

Good.....Great news is that my recent MRI of my sinus cavity came back clean! 

I would also like to say that I believe( & my Dr.) that the tumors have gotten smaller. I know my scans next week will prove this to be true.  The tumors on my head have been killing me. I can't wash my hair without screaming. Doc thinks it may be because the tumors have been denied blood. There like little Vampires! 

My last vaccine shot is on Thursday. It's been 12 weeks. Time fly's!

We have been sitting in the hospital all day. Paul and I did venture out to have lunch right after I took the pills. Great idea Michelle. I almost fell asleep in my Thai veggie bowl.  We watched the movie Hancock and I now realize I should have been born with super powers. 

Blog Shout outs
Elsa you were missed today! Trying to sleep in this hospital is impossible. Praying for some bloody tumor bursting! Hugs

Anna..so glad that your coming home soon. We miss you. Proud of you!

Bandit, Thank you for keeping me up last night by walking on my head every hour. Yes..I understand that you love me, but licking my ear is not going to make me get up at 4am to get you a treat.

Have a great evening. 
Love one very sleepy Vampire


Elsa D. said...

Michelle, I am reading this at 6 am, it is too early or otherwise I would call you!!!!
It is fantastic! I am also convinced that they are shrinking! I am so happy, for you, for me and everyone else on these pills.
My next vacation are going to be:BAHAMAS!!!!!!
A big Hug

Anonymous said...

I love you and am SO proud of you for looking into every option and being brave and strong enough to explore and commit to them. For listening to your body and your doctors and your family/friends and digesting it all so that you can listen to yourself.

I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO happy about the tumors shrinking and the TUMOR DYING!!! I can't wait to pass on the great news!

I love you!!!!


Anonymous said...

That is FANTASTIC NEWS !!!!!!!!!
I believe that pain in the tumors is a sign that they are really in distress!
Keep Kicking Ass