Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Gift

I received the best gift for Christmas this year! I have to admit I was totally shocked. I had to gulp down two hot chocolates after I got the news. I thought I was going to pass out. 

My Scans came back with wonderful results. The Brivanib  pills are working! My tumors are stable and haven't grown since my last scan! One tumor in my lymph node has actually died! There is no blood flow to the tumor! This is the best news I could get. My doctor is so happy with these results. 
I will be on the pills for 12 weeks. After that I will be given either a Placebo or continue on the pills. Because it is a trial it's a 50, 50 shot that I could get the Placebo. Booooo! I will know right away by how I am feeling. The reaction happens within 15 minutes after I take the pills. I am a walking zombie.  If I do get the Placebo, I can then go back on the trial. 

I guess I am shocked because funny things happened when we were away last week and the whole time I spent worrying about scan results. I finally was able to relax and enjoy our sunny lovely vacation when a black cat (Paul thinks it was gray) walked across our path. I started with the Hail Mary's right away. Threw in a couple please, please, please, I will do anything god!I guess they do work.
There was also this beautiful statue of a male angel with these beautiful wings holding onto a women. The statue was called the hug. I was mesmerized by it's detail and meaning. I walked down in the morning to look at it. There was something about it that just made me feel calm and safe. 

Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday and Merry Christmas
With love


Elsa D. said...

This is my Christmas gift also!!!!!!!!!! Michelle I am sooooooooo HAPPY!We have to celebrate together, when is your next appt?

Kathy said...

This is wonderful wonderful news! I start my Brivanib trial on Jan 7. I have been hoping and praying that this worked and I am so very happy for you and your friend Elsa. I hope you don't mind I read your blog and Elsa's. I know no others with Sarcomas and I don't feel quite as alone out there.
Peace and blessings!

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Psalm 91:4 says "He shall cover you with His feathers, And under His wings you shall take refuge."

That statue sounds like a wonderful visual portrayal of that. :-)


Megan said...

Hi there!! My name is Adina Kurz and I am currently fighting synovial sarcoma. I am 34 years old and fighting this already for 9 years. Currently my tumors are growing each scan and the las 4 different types of chemos I tried didn't work. My Doctor at MSKCC mentioned that I try the trial drug Brivabin. I haven't decided yet, andI am looking for someone who is on it to talk to. I am nervous about what kind of side effects and such, but I really need to decide fast-the next trial starts real soon. Is there any way I can get in touch with you? You sound like you are doing great and I am so happy that it's working for you. Thank you, Adina

Unknown said...

I see my friend Adina Kurz has posted on your page a few months ago...I am so so so sad to say that Adina passed away a few days ago after her long battle....she was always optimistic and had a great place in this world, everyone who came in contact with her during her short life was better for it...I hope that you are doing better and have continued to receive only great news....I wish you a complete and speedy recovery.

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