Sunday, February 10, 2013

Brain's & Kisses

Is someone screwing with me? Really, what is going on?

When I started the Pazopanib I actually felt great about it. I made a promise to myself last summer that I wouldn't be forced or pushed into something that I didn't feel right about. No more surgeries or trials. It has to be my choice. Listen to your gut instincts. 

I didn't even blink when my Doctor suggested this drug. Why? Maybe because I know there are little options for me. I need to try things to see what works.  But, experimenting like a guinea pig means I need to feel o.k. about it.  I started this drug already feeling exhausted both physically and mentally. I've been feeling more like myself. Now I am back to square one. Being pushed back and hit pretty hard. I just keep thinking that once my body gets use to the medicine, things will change. These night sweats better change. I am sick of doing laundry!

It has a long Santa Claus list of side effects that have been beyond annoying to me.   Why would I just get one? My body likes to have all of them at once! I am back to the swollen tongue and having a hard time eating. I have been brushing my teeth with backing soda and water. Toothpaste burns my little popped up swollen taste buds. Any ideas??? I have really tired everything. Peroxide mix with sea salt (oh the pain) , mouth washes. I even just hang out with a spoon full of organic, raw honey. The worst was the other day when I thought Ambesol could just numb it! People.....don't ever do that! It's like sticking your tongue to a cold pole and screaming! Nothing minty, salty or garlic-y! Tomatoes and  sauce is the worst.  Paul got me gelato, because the cold is good. Soups that are perfect for this snowy time are awful. I am getting back into cold apple sauce. 
Hey....MOM! You make the best. I am putting my order in. Add a little cinnamon.

I  have to talk to some of my SPOHNC friends. I need some other ways to brush my teeth before people stop wanting to talk to me!  Oh boy can I talk! A sales lady in a furniture store the other day handed me a mint! I am going to think she just wanted me to have one. 

The Brain! Abby-Normal! 

The  MRI of my AMAZING brain showed good results.  No tumors and the bleeding is gone. What a relief.  The swelling in my face is down and I am starting to see my  cheek bones. One great thing...I am coming off Keppra! Silly medicine! I am very excited. One less drug running through the halls of my digestive system. I am thankful for a good scan. Thank you Brain for being good. Now tell the rest of our body.

Sweet Heart day is almost here. Have you chosen your Valentine???

Love Hugs Kisses 

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The Astonishing FartMan said...

Hey MichelleOnLongIsland,

Well, Dr. FartMan would suggest just using water alone to brush your teeth. That will be good enough. For grown up teeth, toothpaste doesn't really add all that much except the nice smell. Use a very soft toothbrush, brush gently, and don't get carried away brushing your gums too much.

Also, for mouth irritation, when I was on chemo, the best thing I found was Rincinol.

Here's a link:

Walgreens carries it, but sometimes they are out of stock, You can buy it online lots of places. Just google Rincinol. It doesn't contain any alcohol or anything that burns. There's no maximum dosage per day, so you can use it as much as you want. But Rincinol is a little expensive, so I would use just a little at a time, just enough to coat the inside of my mouth. I think Rincinol is MUCH better than Biotene, which contains some alcohol and can cause burning.

Speaking of sides effects, I still take a pain medicine called gabapentin for chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy every day, but the thing is, it does NOT get me high. Not even a little. I would like for it to make me feel warm and fuzzy every once in a while. But nothing. Actually, it has made me a stupider. The goo-brain cost me a few IQ points. Fortunately, I already had enough IQ points that I could afford to lose a few. (Oh, well, it does seem to help with the pain a little.)

And speaking of brains, I'm glad to hear that yours is minding its manners! If you manage do without the Keppra, that will probably help in lots of different ways.

Did you guys get lots of snow? The last time we a real snow here was the very day our daughter was born in 1973.