Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I never thought that I would be fighting for my life at 32. I give everyone advice that I should be taking. Sweep out the negative in your life. Don't sweat the small stuff. Live without fear.

My mother in law brought up something funny. When we get to a certain age, we say whatever is on our mind, hurtful, honest...whatever. Nobody takes offense, because we're old. That's what old people do.
But, why are we not living that kind of way.....always. Honesty!

I will say it again....my favorite quote. Because it holds so true in my life right now.

Do what you want and say how you feel,
Because those who matter, don't mind,
And those who mind, don't matter

When you're going through tough times, you see matters and who truly cares. You don't forget and sometimes you don't forgive. For me...now in my life. I forgive, because my life is way
too short, too hard and at times it's just too much energy. Negative energy.

Lesson of the day: Start taking your own advice.

I don't know exactly what state I will be in. I will be starting treatment very soon. I'm sick thinking about it, so I will keep you posted. I'm starting to feel pain in my face :( I am avoiding that phone call to the doctor. I can't live on pain medicine. I am also looking into a holistic approach to treating this nerve/tumor thing.
My choice...leave me alone! I'm a fighter, but boy am I tired. I would do nothing and enjoy my summer.

Solitude and bliss.....coming from me this summer.


Marva said...

I know how brave and strong you are, sweet girl. We went down this path together once, and Norm and I are still by your side. Sending you our love and our prayers!

Anonymous said...

Your post made me cry..words to live by. Sending BIG hugs and LOTS of positive energy to you beautiful :)

Pam said...

Michele, I love that quote..so true! You have been through so much. Why do things like this happen to such good people? Life can be so unfair! You are in my thoughts and prayers every day. Stay strong..(((((HUGS))))
Love ya,

Elizabeth Rexer leonard said...

Listen here storm trooper! Live, love and keep on shining! Lots of love! Xxoo Earl

The Astonishing FartMan said...

Just came across your blog. It is so beautiful and honest. And you kept your promise to make me laugh and cry. Right now the tears are streaming down my face and my nose is fulled up with cry-snot, but I'm smiling a little, too. You are a blessing to the world, but life with cancer is just too intense. I'm sending love, hope, and prayers.