Monday, November 8, 2010

Paul and I had the greatest trip out west. We got to see our precious new twin nieces. Paul was a natural holding them. It was wonderful. Our 6 year old niece Olive is beautiful. She has grown up to be an amazing little girl. I loved spending every minute with her.
We then headed to San Fransisco for a few days and then moved along to Napa. We spent time with some many wonderful friends. I am learning more and more about the West coast and hope one day I can get Paul to move. have to help me with this one.

On another note.
I really beleive when you shed bad energy from your life, you let more positive in. Maybe it's that I started to look for the good things in my day instead of the  the bad stuff. That might be the key.

I went to a scan  in the city on Thursday and waited for hours. Long story short...The kid at the desk was a jerk, trama patients take priority ( I was one of those once) and I waited  hours for a scan that never happened.  It was a train ride, a trip to the hospital and dinner with a great friend. All in all, it wasn't a big deal that I rescheduled my scan. I promised myself to not let those things bother me. I promised to not let mean people bother me. It was just a long day.

I am so much happier letting things roll off my shoulders. It's eisier than harvesting negative-ness.

So many wonderful things are happening around me right now and I am honestly floating through my days.

I do have a lymph node that I need to remove. I am getting things done to make that happen. I am just enjoying the happy moments in my life.

Enjoy the good things today and tomorrow.

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