Saturday, May 15, 2010

Billy Robsky

Hula Billy

October 4th 2008

I met Billy Robsky for the first time at Kripalu in  Massachusets attending  a Crazy Sexy Cancer weekend retreat. We sat in a big circle with a group of about 50 people who have been touched or affected by Cancer. On the second day we had an excersize that we had to partner up with someone. It was like being picked last for kick-ball!  We were the last two standing! Billy and I looked at one another and spent hours hula hooping and laughing!  That was the day that I made a wonderful friend.

Billy was my Cancer buddy. We talked about our struggles, doctors appointments and dreams.   We cried  often and we laughed a ton.  Billy taught me a lot. He  taught me to not always listen to the doctors! I have to go with my gut! His advice has saved me in so many ways. I thank him for that advice.  We both wished for things to change. Always hoping the bad times were behind us.

Billy, everytime I look at my hula hoop I will think of you. You will always have a place in my heart. You were my friend and my buddy. Thank you for listening and helping me through the hard times. Thank you for teaching me to fight  and to kick this cancer in the butt.  I have been blessed by angels to have met you. You were the kindest person I have ever met.  You will be missed.

Please say a nice prayer or thought for Billy's wife Lynn and Family.

Hugs & Hula


Erin said...

I am sorry. Peace and prayers.

Kathy said...

I'm so sorry for the loss of a wonderful friend.
Unfotunately, I understand your feelings all too well. Peace and blessings....and prayers for the CURE. Friends are far too precious to lose.

JS said...

How wonderful it is to have met someone so special. How could you not love hula hoops! Your story reminded me of my grandma. Many years ago she was diagnosed with cancer and given a VERY bad diagnosis. Her response to the doctor providing the diagnosis was "F-you, who made you God". She went on to live many healthy years with a completely different perspective on life. I learned some of my best life lessons during that time. My Grandma frequently told me that people live on...and that we should remember them for their lives not because they are gone. So why hula hoops remind me of grandma....whenever it rained instead of running for cover she made us point our faces to the sky and enjoy the feeling of the rain. To this day whenever I find myself caught out in the rain, I smile and point my face to the sky and think of grandma. My boys now do the same. Now I can add hula hoops to the list of things that make me smile because of your great friend. My prayers are with you and Billy's family. I am now off to the garage to get Z a hula hoop!