Saturday, June 20, 2009

Day 8

Hi Folks,

Just letting you know that I am doing great. I have an appointment Tuesday to see Doc about my pathology report and to get my glittering staples removed. I am resting, eating great       (start juicing people) & have been getting lot's of exercise ( walking outside around my house...what a blast). I ventured out today & spent some nice time at my in-laws. It was nice to get out of the house & enjoy this beautiful  summer rainy day. I do enjoy the way it smells outside...wet cut grass. Nothing better!
Although I have been healing fast, I am feeling a bit under the weather...and not because I haven't seen the sun in 2 weeks. I am actually happy about that. I don't feel guilty (staples and all) for taking naps and watching movies all day. It's the healing process, and I always get a bit sad after surgery.  I feel great & clean that some of the nasty cancer tumors are out. But, I still  know that  I have more tumors/cancer friends chilling out in my head. I know that I my battle isn't over.  I just wish it was.  As much as I am curious about my results, I wish I could just get wonderful news. Instead of hearing, " Tumors were removed and now for Radiation/Chemo/Shots & how about a few pills!"   I would love to hear," You are clean, healthy & never going to have to deal with this ever again! Go on your vacation to Europe & don't worry about a thing."  I think all  of us Cancer chickens think this way. And even when you get that  good the back of your head you are still hoping is stays that way.  Great news forever. And, Yes my day will come. For now I will feel sad here and there and just fight. Tumors are out and my belly is flat...I am very happy about that.  I can feel the other tumor in my right Parotid gland. I roll my eyes thinking about having that removed. More surgery, yah. I just have to keep chugging pretty heals of course.

Speaking of shoes.....I think a trip to Bergdorf's shoe department might cheer me up. 

Special Prayers to Elsa. I am thinking out you pretty lady! I hope you are feeling better. So much good energy is coming your way! Heal up quick.

Love, M


Daria said...

Glad to hear you are doing great ... yes I agree ... I wish we could wish our cancer away but we have to battle on instead.

Stay strong girl!

Elsa D. said...

Michele my dear, I am home. You describe well how I feel after surgeries. I am also a bit sad. :(
agh We Are Sick of These Sarcomas!
A big hug, I hope you feel better

Kathy said...

Hi Michelle,
So glad you're on the mend. I checked back after your surgery and finally got all caught up on the updates.
You and Elsa have been in my prayers and my thoughts.

I saw your blurb about Wheatgrass. I just bought myself a new super duper juicer which hopefully can handle a little wheatgrass juicing but I don't know a thing about growing it. Time to hit the internet. In the meantime, broccoli and carrots will just have to do.