Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Aloha from Stiich


Michelle ( that's me) will be having her name changed....starting.......NOW. 
Please call me Stitches.

I'm laughing at my last blog! Pain pills and blogging should be illegal! I went back an fixed all the ridiculous typos. Now that I am feeling better (and can spell) I thought I would check in and fill you in on how I really feel. 
I'm glad I got the hernia surgery done at the same time. I thought recovering from that would take longer than my head. But after looking in the mirror I may be wrong. Doc did a great job getting the tumors out, especially the large one ( a grape Paul!) in my parotid gland. One concern was the weakening and bruising of the nerve that would leave me with a droopy face for weeks to months. I woke up perfect. The nerve had no damage. Doc was very surprised and happy. I am too, less drool I have to clean up. 
My incision is from the top of my head (ugh they shaved my head a little, so not cool), and follows down the left side along the front of my ear. Then behind the ear and under the neck. He removed some lymph nodes there too. He said they looked clean, except for one lymph node seemed spongy. Pathology will tell us all. 
My ear looks like I boxed Tyson, but  I didn't win. I am so swollen and bruised.  My stomach is in bad shape too. I keep a tight binder wrapped around it all day. I feel like an organ is just going to decide it needs a vacation and walk right out. I am holding it all in, they'll need  a passport in order to cross this belly button. 
I don't have much pain. Just the occasional throbbing of my boxing ear and when I try to pick a random object (tissue, sock, lip gloss) off the floor  with my toe ( I can't bend over). This stupid way of thinking actually hurts me more.
A. I never get what I am trying to get anyway 
B. I end up in pain from straining my belly. 

A Positive Happy list

1. Picked weeds from my garden 
2. Played Scrabble with Robbles (my bro Robert, aka Robbles) on my sunny deck and won! But,     He did nickname me stitches.
3. Ordered an adorable bikini for my new flat belly. 
4. Took a really long afternoon nap
5. Pooped! Drugs make me constipated! I'm a happy girl!
6. Paul ( my nanny)  gave me the best shower & made me sparkly clean

Thanks for the emails, cards, palm trees, coloring books & support. 
With more love than ever before,


Daria said...

I can relate to the blogging typos ... sometimes I wonder where my head is ...

Meredith said...

Im sooo glad you are home Stitch!!! I've been rooting for you! Im so glad everything went well. Love you bunches!!! xoxox

Sara Diana said...

Hi Stitch! Sorry to hear about your situation but after surgery I found that each day got a little better. I now just have the occasional ache in my breast. Hang in there and keep smiling, you are sooo pretty x