Thursday, May 9, 2013


GRRR Today!

Walking into the hospital I was determined to get out of pain. I would of went to urgent care if the doctor didn't do anything for me. I said to myself and to him, What will make Michelle happy today? Get me out of pain and a handicap sticker for my car.  I couldn't even sit in the car driving into the city. My back! GRRR!

I am not out of pain yet. But, I did get him to give me a nerve block and a shot of steroid/cortisone in my spine. Ouch.  He said he was proud of me because I use to cry and beg to be knocked out for this procedure. Today I got on the table (slowly, like a little old lady) and took deep breathes. I drooled all over the un-soft blue pillow. Squeezed his hand and viola (mom that's for you!) it was over. Felt the nerve twitch and that was a great sign that he got it. Hoping to be out of pain for at least 2 months.

Doesn't matter. I am going to do more radiation and surgery. Games begin on Monday!

Get ready for my happy out of pain blogs. I am hoping to get some sleep tonight. Paul too! He got a flight home this morning and looks so tired after the long day we had.

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Anonymous said...

Great to see you're such a strong character! happy to hear you're out of pain (at least for a while)