Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I'm looking at my two dogs. They need a walk and I need to stretch my legs. They can walk me!
That's what I'll do after my fascinating update.

Monday I had my second part of this fabulous round of radiation....I had the simulation. Started my day with oatmeal, headed into the city and got doped up on a lovely sedative to help me relax during the scans. They wanted me calm and relaxed. I was wearing a belt that fit under my rib cage. It fills with air and tightens. I take very shallow breaths. I will be wearing this for thirty minutes for five treatments. I do my yoga breathing and think happy beach, sandy feet thoughts. It's uncomfortable and makes my belly area sore. Only five, I can do it. Then I received five more tattoos and a warm foam body mask. Oh the joy of it all! Is it sad that all of the technicians and nurses know me by name? They don't even ask my birthdate anymore!

I don't start the radiation to my happy liver for another two weeks. Maybe sooner if they change my schedule.

I have a friends wedding coming up. I have so much to look forward too. It's nice to have happy plans. I also love to get dressed up and wear beautiful shoes!

Family is good. I made my nephews Thomas the train costume! It's fantastic. I'll post a picture.
I'm really crafty. My friend is having a murder mystery night, Victorian theme. I'm making the hoop skirts. This will be fun to design and sew.

I guess you can say....I'm back. Nothing is keeping me down. I'm feeling like myself again and I'm happy.
Thanks again for the great comments

Side note: need to blog more! I want to leave posts for you!
                    Jessica....Blooka! You will always be my one armed friend. 
                     Some friends are starting chemotherapy and please say a nice peaceful prayer for them.          Kelly and Erica, you're always in my thoughts.


Sjn said...

So glad you are happy and doing well!

The Astonishing FartMan said...

I'm so glad to hear feeling like yourself. Keep us posted on your rad sessions. I will pray for you as always, but even harder!

Okay, now that you've insisted, I promise to take the time this weekend to write a long, absolutely crazy, long, rambling, mixed up jumbled up, long (did I say long?), many-layered story, half fiction, all true, that has been simmering in my brain for the last six months. It will be so jumbled, it will take you six months to read it and another six months to sort it out, with flashbacks, and dreams within dreams within dreams.

Thank you, thank you for insisting. That's what I need to get my little story written. It's called "The Diary of a Half-Hatched Bird," and is about how we are all, every one of us, just little birds who never really have the chance to hatch completely out of our shells. It's kinda sad, because the inspiration for the story was a little bird we found that only got one little wing hatched out of its little shell before its little life came to an end. Just only wing! Not even half-hatched. But that silly little half-hatched bird has been one of my big inspirations.

Right now I'm lying in bed with the laptop (with the heat from the laptop battery probably causing permanent injury to my gonads), doing some internet wine shopping. Haven't bought anything yet, because I'm always looking for the best ever deal. My wife is asleep beside me, so I can't type too much or I'll wake her up. She's going to have an actual speaking role in my little story, which is somewhat unusual. In my blog story, which is half-fiction but all true, she'll be complaining about how I never represent her character correctly in my blog. (That's the sort of double twist I was warning you about!)

Take care, MichelleOnLongIsland!

Frank said...

I am so glad you are back!!! May you get thru these treatments with the best possible comfort and best results.

I have been doing well. I had a biopsy in early September that came back benign. As I had told you, I had been having trouble eating, but that seems to be getting better lately. Hopefully, the growth is going away on it's on as my doctor said it might.

Lots of love.