Thursday, March 31, 2011


I'm lying in bed thinking about my friend Elsa and the memories I have of her.
I can't stop thinking about her. She is an inspiration to so many of us fighting cancer.she was so brave and focused on getting healthy.

I cry for her and wish I could of helped her. I find life to be so unfair.

I love and miss her. I will miss our talks about getting on opera and discussing Sarcoma cancer! We both felt that not enough money went to our rare disease. Are we not good enough to do research on? Elsa and I had a whole plan....and a book waiting to be written.

Elsa if you can hear me in heaven....I will figure this out. One problem....opera is going off the air! But, I can write the book!!

I'll see you again Elsa.

All my love and in my heart forever.
You will never be forgotten.


Mom said...

Michelle, I can still see Elsa's smile and how she just lite up when you entered the room. God Bless her and her wonderful family. It is so hard to think of Elsa without tears. Yes, this life is so unfair.
Elsa was your dear friend, and I mourn your loss. Michelle.....there are no other words.

Gail said...

I can't stop crying since I read your post. I never met Elsa but felt I knew her from her blog and email. I'm heartbroken. Sarcoma sucks. I think about you all the time...

Erin said...

Hi, Michelle. I miss Elsa too.