Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sand & Air

Costa Rica 2009

Hola! Buenos Diaz!

The moment that I stepped into the cool Pacific water I new that this was the place. There is no word to describe how peaceful I feel. I walk along the beach and gathered shells , sea glass and listened to the water crash on the shoreline. The whole beach is filled with coral and you can here music as the waves crash them into one another causing a symphony of clinking sounds. It's the most beautiful sound. I feel healing energy as I sit in the sand an meditate. I was rubbing the thick black sand into my legs, thinking about healing me. I was going to dump it on my head. But, A. it's black and B. too many people would think I was nuts.

Yesterday, Paul and I traveled 20 minutes to do a zip line tour through the forest. I was so excited! We got buckled up, put our helmet's on and climbed a hill. It didn't really hit me until I looked across the wire and saw trees and nothing else! I looked at Paul, looked at the line, the drop and then I happily said....umm I can't do this! I took a deep breathe (like 20), told myself that life is short & then threw myself off this platform into the air...sliding into a Costa Rican on the other side waiting to catch me! Poor guy. I was holding onto him for dear life! The second one I used my hand brake too soon and got stuck! So, here I am dangling a 100 feet in the air from a cable with a guy who speaks spanish telling me to smile for a picture! I had to turn around and pull myself to the platform that was pretty far away. The whole time my heart was racing & I'm laughing so hard inside that this happend and this dude behind me is cheering me on, in spanish! After a few zips in the air I was ok & figured it out. I relaxed enough to fly through the air and took a look around at the beautiful scenery. The worst part were the ladders that we had to climb and the equiptment digging into your crotch!

Pill News: I have been taking the pills and I am 100% certain that I was one of the unlucky ones that got the Placebo. Actaully I shouldn't say unlucky. That really is the last thing that I feel. I am going to say that it's more of a pain in the butt. I feel very lucky...for many reasons. I do look at the pills as swallow them and call them names. My new one is stupid white stupid dumb placebo pill...stupid!!! I like that one the best so far.


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Elsa D. said...

que bueno!
enjoyyyyyy we had another snow storm!
sorry to hear about the stupid pills!
I have been falling asleep so perhaps this time I was not unlucky.