Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hospital + Port Removal = Ice Cream & Percacet

Good Evening

I wanted it out the minute they put it in. I hated having this foreign plastic port in my chest. They ( Dr's, Nurses, Fellow port friends) said it's the best thing to have for chemotherapy, save your pretty veins. So I did it (under protest) & today was the day to remove it!

I got up early , got my nails done and bought a pretty dress. Stress before  Surgery equals fancy things for Michelle to feel better. This pink-nail-cute-dress  thing to calm my nerves lasted 5 minutes. 
The nurses & Dr was great except they said one thing that I will never forget..."Oh you don't need to be knocked out, you won't feel a thing.  How about a Xanax and a fun numbing shot". Please, Please.......I was begging..Knock my Butt out! 

The Xanax was a joke, Numbing the area never worked and it hurt like hell!  Ladies you will understand this.... It was kind of like walking into a bar looking totally gorgeous and  just as your about to order a delicious Cosmo your friends 3 inch heel steps right onto your freshly manicured toe!  Got it...felt fantastic. 

From the mouth of Paul... I have been De-ported!

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