Friday, July 8, 2011



I had the most amazing night. I woke up this morning with a new fighting attitude. I went to a support group for people with head and neck cancers. I have never felt so accepted and understood in my life. The love I received when I walked in the room was overwhelming.
I rarely have anyone ask me about what I have been through and understand. It's just known I have cancer and that's it. But, it's so much deeper and painful than just saying "Cancer Patient".
When I told my story and got into the details of all my surgeries, Chemotherapy & Radiation....I saw heads shake with agreement. They know what I have been through and couldn't believe what I have endured.

After the meeting everyone came over to me to wish me luck through treatment.  The feeling of finding them made me cry and I did all the way home.  I have a huge group of people to talk too and they totally get it!
I have been so scared and petrified to go through this again.  All I have wanted to do is talk to Elsa. On the way to the meeting I cried thinking about her and how I would be on the phone with her.  Elsa, I miss you so very much. I am so happy that I met new people that understand.

Radiation Day :( Wish me luck.  After last night I am feeling like a dozen new loving people are helping me fight in my corner!

I am still counting down to my Birthday! Here is what I would like for a gift. Go  to the SPOHNC website and make a donation.

Enjoy your day


Nancy Paladino said...

What a brilliant quote to live by. Thank you for sharing it. I would say it is inspiring, but actually it is you that that is inspiring. It never makes sense when we are dealt with such challenges, but you have an unique talent to help and heal those around you. Thank you for your tenacity and good humor, you energize your world. We love you. Nancy+U.Steve

Jeff said...

Michelle - as one of the people at the meeting, just wanted to tell you were as inspiring to us as we might have been to you. You have great spirit, strength, and determination - and we both know how important those things are.

Wishing you a happy birthday month! And of course a quick recovery and long-lasting health!

Onward we all go!

- J.

Patrick Dockweiler said...

Michelle, It was such a pleasure and honor to meet a person with so much strenght, fortitude and positive out look at their first SPOHNC meeting. I wish you a very happy birthday. You are in good company, my B/D is 7/15.. LOL..I must be honest about the meetings. I go most times to try to share my cancer story and help other and then other times I feel I go out of selfishness because when I meet people like your self it gives me so much strenght and direction that I use all of your energy to help me to make it threw my tough days. When you said you cried on your way home belive me you were not alone with your tears. I know I am a man an I'm supposed to be, I guess macho but when I shed tears for others and my self it helps cleanse my mind and thoughts. You are and inspiration and thank you for sharing with us your life and its struggles. They help me make my next days so much easier to deal with.Peace, Health and Love...
Pat Dockweiler and my solemate and caregiver Pam

Patrick Dockweiler said...
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