Saturday, July 9, 2011


I got my CONGRATULATIONS balloon!
Paul surprised me with it after treatment. I love it. It says, " hooray, wow! And you did it!" He hid it in the back and I had no idea. I was so happy that he remembered. I have an awesome husband. He has been taking care of me from the beginning without one complaint. I appreciate every little thing that he does for me..... I love my balloon.

I had a lovely surprise party with candles, ice cream cake and pretty sun flowers. My niece planned it and did a wonderful job. She is adorable. Olive was super cute whispering to everyone before she led me into my party. Poppi, who is 93 followed us through the basement, reassuring me that he's fine on the stairs. Olive had the biggest smile on her face. I turned to Poppi and said....I think we are going to get cake!

And....yummy cake we had! Have a wonderful weekend.

Peace and hugs

Every life has a measure of sorrow.
Sometimes it is this that awakens us.
-Jack Kornfield

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