Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy Almost

I am usually more excited when July comes around.  I am sad that I have to have radiation in the summer and of all months.... July! This truly can ruin a persons birthday spirit.

This year I am not going to let it take the fun out of my "Celebration" time.  It's my Birthday and I am proud to be alive and kicking. Yippee! My Birthday!  Balloons and cake!!

Happy Happy Happy Birthday to me! I made it another year.
That's what I think everyone needs to understand about how I really feel about my Birthday. It was always just a day to celebrate and have a good time (song lyrics). Now it means more to me than just a day. I just spent another whole year living, suffering & smiling to get to another birthday! I am alive and I get to celebrate my life on this day. My life, something people take for granted. To me, it's a triumph....Victory! I deserve a round of applause. This is a life long battle for me and I am super happy to be a year older. I am alive to celebrate it and that's amazing in my eyes. Another year of torture for cake....I'll take it! 

I have so much in me right now that I want to spill all over my blog. My thoughts in the past few days have been so fogged with different emotions.  I am feeling wonderful about my actions and decisions the past few weeks. Moving forward in treatment with hope that it will work. I gathered my team of lovely support angels. Everyone knows the deal on how to keep me smiling.
BTW.....Mich...Paige got me hooked on pretzel MM's! I may need a bag when I come over.

I walk the doggies everyday on the beach and find a ton of beach glass (Heineken bottles!). I have a little crystal bowl of my green clear and one brown treasures. I am amazed that I actually find so much. I also have beach duty cleanup in the works. Tons of plastic wash up on the rocks. It is so disgusting. Please stop throwing things out the window and off boats. I wish people had a little more sense. Totally gross to see it surrounded by beautiful shells and little crabs working their way back to the water. I will be picking up other peoples garbage because I care about the water!

Thursday was a bad health day for me :( I have been on steroids for days to help with my facial pain. Pain is still there..... along with beautiful steroidal acne that looks so darn pretty. I'm glad that I am super tan, it's not that noticeable. Of course, I took myself off of the meds due to the fact that I am still in pain. Living on clearasil and wondering how do teenagers deal!! My heart bleeds for you kids! Back to Thursday...the day of aches, dizziness, pains....puking.... check all on the doctors checklist! What a fun day! I pushed through and loved the feel of the cold bathroom floor! Why is that so comforting when you're sick??

I leave you now my little chickens..... careful of fireworks, appreciate all you have & love your friends.


Peggy said...


You go girl and a huge clapping of hands that we all made it another year.

Your words always slap me out of my fear and make me see that this C. thing will not beat me either.

Happy Happy Birthday!!!!

Marva said...

Enjoy the cake, send up the balloons and celebrate the gift you are to the world, sweet girl! Happy Birthday and much love from Norm and me!