Saturday, November 22, 2008



It was the first time that I have ever been simply ecstatic to go to the Dr's.   I met my new friend Elsa and her lovely husband. We didn't talk long, but the joy we shared was making people turn and look at us!
On the way in I had a fun experience. We were just coming out of the tunnel when I got a sharp pain in the left side on the bridge of my nose. Followed by a horrible nose bleed. I mean Niagara falls .  I was lucky that my Mom was with me. 
It slowed down for me to get out of the car. Then a huge bloody boogie, clot....egg white came out. It was beyond gross. And the Bleeding continued! 
Now that I have shared way to much information, I will get to the good news. Elsa had shared with me the day before ( and the Dr confirmed this to be very true) that the pills that we are on stop the blood flow to tumors. Without blood they dry up and collapse. This can me painful. There is a man who had tumors in his lungs. After 3 weeks (I am on 2) of being on this drug he began to cough up blood. His scans showed the tumors were shrinking, collapsing!
Here we are smiling, hugging, ecstatic that I had this bloody nose bleed.  There are a few reasons for my nose bleed, but I am hoping this random event is really the pills working. I am putting faith into my daily dose of sleepy, dizzy, thirsty hell.  If it keeps me here, then I will deal with it. 
After my mom and I  headed over to Radio City to see the long legged Rockettes! As I watched them kick there legs up, I realized my dream of becoming one of them was so over. Between the man next to me gasping every time the girls came out in  a different outfit and the snow I  became aware of my mission. I NEED to borrow one of there  reindeer costumes and prance around kicking people!  The costume, skin tight leotard was breathtaking, lot's of glitter.  Oh and the antlers....they lit up! I am adding this to my list of things I must have in life!

Elsa.... Your  beautiful energy was filling the waiting room with your love & strength! 

Prancer, Santa's  Reindeer


Elsa D. said...

Michelle, I just wrote you a message
and now I see that you have a new post. With everything I want to say about yesterday :))))
I told my husband, after you left. I met someone that deals with this in the same way as I do. It is the first time.OK I am going to write my post about yesterday ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you found someone like that to share with & who can relate!

ROFL@the reindeer costume, you'd definately turn heads and kick lots of unsuspecting men. You'd rock that costume! ;-)

GREAT NEWS on the nosebleed (OK, that was weird to type- hehe)!!!!!!! That is AWESOME news!!!! When will they do tests to confirm the progress?


Anonymous said...

The nosebleed sounds a bit Fight Clubbish: "Yeah I got a bloody nose ... but ya should'a seen the other guy ... !" Way to go! HOOOOOOJAAAAA! Blow it out your nose BABE!

(MMA)Michelle Martial Arts