Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Counting sheep & shoes

I think I got the hang of it now!

 I started on 800mg, but I was getting so sick. I took a few days off and after seeing the nurse at MSkcc they decided to drop me down to 600mg.  I was taking it in the morning. Every day at 10:45. Sometimes I went nuts & waited until 10:50!  I would then prepare the couch or bed area with water, phones, computer and puke bucket. After doing this for 5 days I realized it just wasn't working. I also was spending all day sleeping it off (the fantastic pills). 

This is what I thought to myself.  Hello Self (imagine a big fluffy cloud over my head), If these magic pills work, and I am on this for a long time, I need to prepare myself and figure things out. This Self is totally not working!

Now I take them at night, before I go to bed. Perfect timing. I wake up more often, but it's a nice to have a full day to get things done.
They gave me a log sheet. Time, dose and why I missed a dose. That last section is what I call,"Michelle's complaint area".  I list everything that bothers me. They must think I am nuts!

Every Friday I go in for blood work and a check up. This week I get to meet my new friend Elsa, who is doing the same trial! I am so excited!  If you want to check out her blog, just go look under my comments and you will see her name.  Elsa has been through an amazing journey. I commend her on her strength. Hugs to you Elsa!

My 10 minute waking moment is being pulled to my pillow by the pills, so sleepy. I am going back to bed

Off to counting sheep I go.  Ok..truth is they are shoes that jump over that nice picket fence! I am off to counting Jimmy Choo's!!

Peace, Love & warmth (its freezing outside)


Elsa D. said...

A big hug back :)
i just took the pill so I am going to fall asleep in 5 minutes ;)
but I wanted you to know that in many of the clinical trials I have done, I was the first (only and lonely) sarcoma patient on it. It is special to have a friend with the same crazy side effects.

Elsa D. said...

Michelle, I loved meeting you and your mom. It was a special moment and I was happy all day, thinking of what happened to you while you were driving, with the pain you felt... :)))) pain, yes we like it! I really think it is a sign that the drug is working.
Our photo came out nice, can I post it in my blog?
Today I´ll take the drug at night! That will be nice, thanks for the advice
Talk to you soon
Guess who grabbed the CancerVixen and is reading it before me, Maya, my first grader.
Please tell you mom that it was nice meeting her.