Thursday, November 27, 2008

Gobble, Gobble


Happy Thanksgiving!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful day. I am so thankful to have spent the day with Paul & our family's. I have spent many days very upset about what I am missing out on, why my life has been filled with Dr's appointments and scans. Holding my breathe and sad that I am not living the life I dreamed of. Today I thank myself for doing a wonderful job this past year. I thank myself for being strong, happy, & fighting with a smile. Because even though it totally stinks, I am thankful for the good that I have in my life. and I am blessed in so many other ways.  I may not have my health, but I have love, friendship & family to help me through the miserable times.  


Paul and I went to his parents house for a yummy dinner. While I was driving over, I was excited to eat turkey. I know this sounds silly, but I haven't had meat in a very long time.  I planned in my head how I was going to eat it. A little gravy, so mashed potatoes...mmmm cranberry sauce! Oh the drool!!! I was driving through town and watched as a car 2 ahead of me hit a pigeon! Ugh, the feathers just went everywhere and all I could think about was the poor turkey I was  about to eat!   It was worse than my child hood days when my brother use to moo at me when I ate meat. That day forward I was a vegetarian. When we sat down for dinner, my mom piled up some turkey on my plate.  I picked out the pieces myself and asked her to put some back.  I pushed it around my plate for a while ann eventually had a few pieces. I will let Paul gobble up the leftovers. UGH the poor pigeon!

Gobble, Gobble


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Elsa D. said...

gobble gobble
I don´t usually like turkey but this year I was also actually planning to eat the wing... but I forgot to tell my aunt to cook it without black pepper!...
so that was it for my plans :))
Did you have to go to MSKCC today?
A big hug