Friday, November 18, 2011

Dashing away

Dashing into the city this morning to talk about Livers! How interesting! My body knowledge is just expanding. As the necrosis eats away at my short term memory, I soak up everything about spinal surgeries, treatments and now liver cures. Hopefully, we will be discussing cures. You never know with this Doctor. That is why my love blogger, Michelle has Three....Did you hear that...THREE Sarcoma oncologists at different hospitals. Not for different opinions. They all say the same thing. Because, one may offer an extra bonus or a clinical trial. One may not stare at you and say, " Oh you have back pain, it will go away."

 I have my sleeping schedule figured out.  " Rub, Rub on my eyes!" I think! Last night I slept very well with little pain. Every day is different and I am just patiently pushing through without complain. Ok, so complain.

Ok...I am off... Dashing. I love this new word. I am using in before Christmas. It's not to be confused with a reindeer.

Have a fantastic, peaceful Day.

Keep those prayers going that my insurance company sees the light.


The Astonishing FartMan said...

You are ever so dashing. -- -- -- What a lovely word. So quaint, so civilized. I'm glad you got some good sleep last night. I'm saying prayers for what you mention, and for some other good things you're probably too humble to ask for. (Or too dashing to ask for.) Wish I could stay and talk, but must dash away.

Anonymous said...

I love you so much my dashing best friend. ;-) You've got moxy girl and you will get up again. Love you!
"The Other Arm"

Anonymous said...

PS. What did they say?