Monday, November 21, 2011

Myelogram & simulation

Waiting to be called in for the myelogram and simulation. I had to make myself look pretty because they are taking a picture of me....extra blush to my puffy steroid face. Really...squirrel holding acorns!
I'm nervous about the spinal injection. I know they numb me, never seems to work or be enough.

Paul is calming me and my friend Kristen took a ride in with us. She had to come in to city....timing was perfect. She is an amazing supportive friend that makes me smile. My day is was already calmer not thinking about the procedure this morning. Brings me peace...and she makes forget about me crap. I love that.

I won't be out of pain until they blast these spinal suckers....really sticking onto my little vertibrea bones. I don't like them.

I am sleeping better. It's amazing not being tired all day. What a difference. Changes everything...especially my mental state. No more coffee for me. I didn't drink it anyway.( sometimes!) Tea lover :) keeping the liver clean That we can talk about in my next blog journal. Deep breathe.

Love to step closer.

Michelle :)))


The Astonishing FartMan said...

Hey MichelleOnLongIsland,

Thanks for the update. So glad you're getting good sleep. Good sleep is usually better than the best drugs. And I'm even more glad you have good support from your friends and hubby, which is always better than the best drugs.

Did I tell you that my new onc hates me? I think I did already tell you that. Well, I've thought about it some more and decided that my new onc must be having a love affair with my former onc, who also hated me, and that's why she hates me. Even if they aren't having an affair, that's the rumor I'm going to start. Just for fun. At least that will give them a good reason to hate me, right?!?!

Or maybe my new onc just hates ugly fat old men. Well, I'm not all that old, fat, or ugly. Maybe she hates semi-old, semi-fat, semi-ugly men who have a twisted sense of humor. That would explain it. Hmmm.

Thinking about you!

Anonymous said...

LOL@the astonishing fartman!

Michelle, I'm glad you have people there to hold your hand or just make you laugh during times like this.

I'm proud of you. You are the bravest woman I know. Now I need more COW BELL!!!!

Love you,

Nance Paternoster said...

Seriously...let's call Donald Yance and get a work up for what you can do/take while you are going through this next rounds of treatments and afterwards.