Monday, October 10, 2011

Vaccine for Sarcoma

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City again tomorrow....for something good.  I will let you know how things work out.
I am seeing one of my Oncologists  at Mskcc about a clinical trial that I really would like to be a Guinea pig for.

I am feeling better about being NED. It's wonderful to get great clean news from the doctor. I have this fear always floating around me. I usually get 3 months tops and then I am back on the operating table. Bummer :( Thinking positive.  Because, like most of you know and have posted/blogged back to me, we have to love the momemts of a clean scan and live everyday to the fullest.

I am throwing myself back into Ballroom Dancing and loving it.  Staying busy... decorating my new beautiful home. Enjoying this beautiful Fall weather.  And now that I am 10 pounds lighter, I got to shop for new clothes, pants!  That's fun!

Hugs, Peace and Love

Trivalent Vaccine for Sarcoma
MabVax Therapeutics is actively recruiting patients for a Phase 2 sarcoma vaccine trial who have recently been treated for metastatic sarcoma and whose status is “No Evidence of Disease” or NED. The patients in the study will be randomized to receive either a vaccine that is combined with an immune system stimulant or the immune system stimulant alone. The immune system stimulant is called OPT-821 and is an immunological booster. If the trivalent vaccine can stimulate the patient’s immune system to develop antibodies which recognize and target the GM2, GD2 and GM3 sugars that are over expressed on the surface of most sarcomas, then the patient’s antibodies could attack and kill any remaining sarcoma cells potentially preventing the recurrence of sarcoma. For more information about the trial, please visit the clinical trial overview.


Sjn said...

I read about this trial! This one sounds so good to me. What a great way to fight the cancer, with your own antibodies. It seems like it would be the most beneficial with the least bad side effects.
I'm so proud of you to want to participate. I hope they accept you, you get the real drug, and it works!

jeff paulsen said...

I am trying to get ahold of Michelle from Long Island, NY. Michelle, I have read that you have spindle cell sarcoma and my wife's best friend would like as much info on the disease as possible. It just so happens that her husband was diagnosed with this dreadful disease in the last week or so. Being that you have lived with this terrible problem for a while now, you are for sure to have an insight that could be very, very valuable for him and his loving wife and daughters. If you would happen to get a free moment and feel like dropping my wife and myself an email, it would be greatly appreciated. My wife's best friend is named Jenny and we will have her email you as soon as I get your email. You can also call me at 614-316-8066 if you wish. Thanks for your time and God Bless you and your husband. Jeff Paulsen at or you can call at 614-864-0672 but our answering machine is acting up. Email would be the the best though. Again, God Bless.