Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Letter

Dear Everyone....but Cancer, 

I am so happy that I am almost off the steroids!  I am down to  taking 1mg a day. That's nothing compared to the 12mg I was taking  a day! 
I haven't been getting headaches. As much as I have been dying to get off these meds, I have been a little scared. 
I see the Neurologist next Monday. I will talk to him about a future plan.  Notice how "I " will be making decisions about my brain and the drugs I put into my body. I haven't been too happy being on all these drugs (even though they helped)  the past few months. 


A Doctor was at the  SPOHNC meeting talking to the group about Radiation treatment/side effects on head and neck patients. Most of what he was saying, I have experienced.  It was the recovery part that he spoke about that made me smile. Which is funny, because it's my third time doing radiation. I guess my brain just put up a wall and I forgot how uncomfortable it was. When your doctor tells you that you are doing six weeks of treatment, you don't add on the extra weeks for recovery. But, we should add it on. It's important to take our time to heal. 

I am still having issues with my mouth and it's been 2 months. My doctor told me to give it 2 weeks!  I'm just starting to get my taste buds back. At night my mouth is so dry and it's the complete opposite during the day.  I don't have any pain, just little twitches in the area where the nerve was radiated. My teeth are ultra sensitive and cold things are bothering me.  

Cancer Care

I went on Monday to the Long Island office to talk with a counselor.  I filled out a questioner and then sat with an Oncologist Social Worker for about an hour. She asked me a dozen questions. We talked about my diagnosis, the feelings I have against cancer and few other cancer questions.  She asked me at the end to do her a favor and to write a letter  to my cancer! WHAT! To tell my cancer how I feel. I had a big problem with this. At the time I wasn't sure why. 
I  realized driving home that this place wasn't for me. Maybe I needed to see a different social worker.  I believe that Cancer Care would of been great for me years ago when I  newly diagnosed. Not at this time, I am past the Cancer letter. I have been dealing with Cancer for way too long to take the time to write it a letter. Does it even have an address?  What is it like Santa?  Instead of Coal, you get radiation burn! 

I am not saying that it won't be right for anyone else. Please..... Go...try. You may find a connection and it can help you get through a rough patch. They have group sessions too. 

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week.

Peace and Love

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