Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Travel Blog

This is fun....I am travel blogging from my dermatologist office! I got sick of looking at my fifteen year old acne skin and called this morning for an emergency appointment.
Ok...let me tell you how to do it. I call a few days before the weekend and beg to see the doctor. I explain ( fib) that I'm in a wedding this weekend and totally broke out and need help! Always works! But, now when I see him I have to tell him the truth about the nasty steroids. He knows I don't usually look like this.

I will be waiting to hear back from my oncologist about the clinical trial. She is going to test my tumor ( a frozen lump that I have stored at the hospital) for this certain protein. She will present my case to the board and will call me in ten days. Which really means, I'll be stalking her in ten days. I left the room thinking...ugh aren't you running this trial?

I'm 33 doc, give a NED girl a chance!

I did some research and other hospitals are running the same trial. I am sending out emails to see if they started and if there's any room for a beautiful sarcoma free NED like me!

Tapering off the meeds. Maybe a clinical trial. Meeting a therapist from cancer care. Meeting tomorrow for SPOHNC. Hopefully clear skin soon. Feet are still numb :( oh, I get my massage today. Things are getting better, my body is getting stronger.

Thank you for all your emails, blogs and support. They mean a ton to open my computer and read so many wonderful words from people I don't know or have met once.

Hugs Ned

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Unknown said...

Praying you'll qualify!!! Sounds like you are staying busy surrounding yourself with support and healing! YAY!