Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day # 18 finished!

I am totally feeling the affects of the radiation. I'm happy to say it's not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I say that as I knock on wood...I still have weeks left.
Soup and Italian ices are now my new BFF. My mouth is super dry all day long, like a lizard in Vegas. Sharp pains have been catching me off guard. I gave in today and took a pain pill. Nothing was working and It calmed me down a bit.

When I'm in horrible pain, I cry. My body just shuts down and I feel defeated. I really fall to the floor heaving with tears, mumbling how much this sucks.
My mind has been able to rid itself of garbage. I take negative thoughts and write them down. This may include a person who angers or stresses me, a comment, moths eating my good sweater...and I burn it. I let the fire destroy the papers....because I don't need that bad energy.
The good things...I love this! I write down three things in my life that I love or would want more from. Don't ask for wealth. My mom to recover nicely from surgery, Paul to stop snoring and good energy for the weeks to come. Then I dig a hole and bury it for it will blossom into something beautiful.

About me:
My throat is killing me. I found an enlarged lymph node ( pray no tumor) and will be watching it.I'm run down which can cause my lymphs to work...swell. Normal. Mouth sores are fun! Ear is feeling so weird, foggy. I feel a difference in skin temperature on that side of treatment. It's warmer and dry. Again, all normal.

Super tired.
Goodnight blog buddies.

Hitting the beaches this weekend in Montauk!


The Big C and Me said...

You have such an amazing outlook. It's what will get you through this %$@#. Much luck to you in the weeks ahead as you navigate the next hurdle!

The Astonishing FartMan said...

Thinking about you often!

Sjn said...

I'm a Long Island girl living in Atlanta, Georgia for the past 21 years. I'm fighting sarcoma, Hemangiopericytoma in my retroperitoneal area. I'm recovering from my 4th surgery in 4 years, going on to do radiation next week.
I miss the beach! We didn't get to take out vacation this year and I want it! Hope Montauk is great this weekend!!!